Avaya Aura® Conferencing

Integrated Conferencing on Any Device


Avaya Professional Services [PDF]

03 Mar 2017
See how Avaya Professional Services uses Enablement, Optimization, and Innovation Services to help companies get the most out of their real-time communications solutions, helping them achieve business strategies.

Advantages of UC Modernization (The Move to Team Engagement) [PDF]

06 Mar 2015
Moving to the latest enterprise level communications solution can help improve worker productivity, team productivity, and customer engagement, as well as help the business grow. Avaya can help you understand what communications optimization really means and why it can be positive for the future of any business.

Avaya Aura® Conferencing [PDF]

24 Oct 2014
Avaya Aura Conferencing brings audio, web, and video conferencing into a single platform that can be used as the foundation of a unified communications experience, or offered as an over the top conferencing solution.


Exploring Avaya Aura® Conferencing [PDF]

17 Dec 2014
This guide will describe how Avaya Aura Conferencing can help organizations drive better business outcomes by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings.


Avaya Equinox and Oceana User Experience [4:12]

17 Oct 2016
It’s game day! When time is critical and the task list is long, rely on Avaya Team and Customer Engagement solutions to make the difference!

Avaya Engagement Assistant Snap-in [2:21]

19 Jan 2016
Use this Snap-in for Engagement Development Platform to simplify access to voice and video conference calls. Engagement Assistant eliminates the hassle of users manually entering long bridge numbers and passcodes. Users call a single phone number and use speech-driven access to join any voice or video conference on their Microsoft Outlook calendars.

Avaya Enterprise Mobility Solutions [4:11]

20 Mar 2014
This day-in-the-life video shows how Avaya extends enterprise grade, real-time communications to mobile workers when they are away from their desks. Video, audio and web collaboration bring your customers, partners and employees together with their choice of device including tablets, smartphones and desktops. Whether you are travelling and working from your hotel, a coffee shop, working at a customer’s office or your home Avaya Mobility solutions can transform the way you work.

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