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Team Engagement - Jan 2, 2018
Over the past “9 years after discovering that Avaya's system can integrate the original system through comparison of various brands,” writes Peng Zihao, the Heshuo Computer Center System Co., Ltd., has standardized on the Avaya Aura® Communication Manager. According to Wang Shuo-Yi, assistant manager of Heshuo Computer Center System, “this system completely replaces the old system … Heoshu simply plugged into the Internet with an extension that can complete the call set up, and in the exclusive APP support where to go with an extension of the excellent action experience, because IP communications costs between employees almost 0.” The article continues, “In addition, Avaya's open architecture enables users to consolidate third-party communications solutions and make communications solutions more flexible.”

Avaya Aura 加值和碩競爭力 (Avaya Aura added value to Heshuo competitiveness)

通訊走入IP化、行動化是企業投入數位轉型最有感的投資!和碩電腦中心系統維運處副理王仲毅說,自2008年該公司與華碩分家後,即重新定義公司通訊網路,和碩了解通訊是企業競爭力的根,同時有效的投資還能省下鉅額費用,在面臨公司營運逐漸擴增、個人手持行動通訊的普及,為打造手機即是桌機的使用方式,公司特別選擇與Avaya合作。(Communication into the IP, action is the number of enterprises into the transformation of the most felt investment! Heshuo Computer Center system, deputy manager Wang Zhongyi said, since 2008, when the company was separated from Asus, it redefined the company's communications network, Heshuo understand that communication is the root of enterprise competitiveness, while effective investment can save huge costs, in the face of gradual expansion of corporate operations, the popularity of personal handheld mobile communications, To build a mobile phone is the use of table machine, the company specifically choose to cooperate with Avaya.)

Team Engagement - Dec 18, 2017
Equitalia Giustizia SpA, a quasi-public organization in Italy “in charge of the management of the Single Fund justice and the recovery of the claims of justice,” has turned to Avaya to, increase “speed and efficiency for communications,” reads this article. Patrizia Gabrieli, chief organization and information officer at Equitalia Giustizia explained that “Our users and customers are the judicial offices distributed in the country of Italy.” She continues, “it is therefore very important for us to be able to communicate and collaborate over the distance with them, but also be able to manage of media distributions and services.” The solution explains Gabrieli, provides not only “phone sessions in VoIP, but Also for multimedia distributions and for videoconferences.” The next phase of the project includes she adds, “The idea to be able to use smartphones and tablets not only for participate in videoconference meetings, but also to share documents via the web and to approve the minutes of meetings.”

PIÙ VELOCITÀ ED EFFICIENZA PER LE COMUNICAZIONI (More Speed and Efficiency For Communications)

Avaya Aura assicura l'affidabilità dei sistemi di telefonia, videoconferenza e distribuzione di contenuti della società incaricata della gestione del Fondo Unico Giustizia e del recupero dei crediti di giustizia. (Avaya Aura ensures the reliability of telephony systems, videoconferencing and content distribution of the company in charge of the management of the Single Fund justice and the recovery of claims of justice.)