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The news that the Avaya Blockchain Happiness Index has been given the prestigious Edison Award continues to make global headlines. This Chinese language post reads, “The solution collects information in real time, safely from omni-channel multiple data sources and automatically analyzes customer interaction data.” The article continues, “Ahmed Helmy, senior director of advanced solutions architecture at Avaya accepted the award among hundreds of executives from world-renowned companies who paid tribute to the efforts and commitment of all 2018 Edison award winners.” Helmy is quoted, “We are honored to be recognized as an innovation leader. Avaya is the first to introduce blockchain technology into the customer experience industry, build a collaborative ecosystem of partners for innovative solutions, and continuously integrate emerging technologies. In order to solve the actual problems faced by customers.”

Avaya区块链幸福指数荣获创新服务类金奖 - 国际 ((Avaya Blockchain Happiness Index Wins Gold Award in Innovation Services)

4月11日在纽约Capitale举行的爱迪生奖颁奖典礼上,Avaya控股公司(NYSE:AVYA)的Avaya区块链幸福指数荣获创新服务类金奖,该解决方案可从全渠道多数据源实时安全地收集并自动分析客户互动数据。Avaya国际(欧洲、中东、非洲和亚太区)高级解决方案架构高级总监Ahmed Helmy以及数百名来自全球知名企业的高管向所有的2018爱迪生奖获得者付出的努力和承诺表示敬意。

“The 2018 China Call Center and Corporate Communications Conference ( hosted by the CTI Forum ( was held on April 12-13,” reads this article. At the event, Zhang Lin, who is “responsible for the development and promotion of Avaya Greater China contact center products,” presented Connecting the future with wisdom - AVAYA OCEANA makes the contact center smarter. The text of his presentation is dictated and screenshots of some of his PowerPoint slides shown.

张林:AVAYA OCEANA让联络中心更聪明 - 文章精选 (Zhang: AVAYA Oceana make the contact center Smarter-Article selection)

大家早上好,首先感谢主办方,让我有机会在这里和各位专家一起探讨联络中心的未来发展。先做个自我介绍。我是张林,来自Avaya中国,现在负责Avaya大中国区联络中心产品的拓展与推广。我今天演讲的题目是:用智慧连接未来--AVAYA OCEANA让联络中心更聪明。( Good morning everyone, first of all, thank the organizers, let me have the opportunity here and experts to explore the future development of the focal point. Introduce yourself first. I am Zhang, from Avaya China, now responsible for the expansion and promotion of the contact center of Avaya China. The topic of my speech today is: Connect the future--avaya with wisdom Oceana make the contact center smarter.)

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