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Cloud - yesterday
“Avaya Tuesday unveiled a new master-agent program focused on accelerating cloud sales to small and midmarket businesses,” reports Edward Gately. Gary Levy, vice president for US channel sales at Avaya is quoted: “The transition to cloud unified communications services just got a big boost with the Avaya master-agent program … The program leverages the breadth and experience of Avaya Edge channel partners and newly authorized sales agents, combined with the expertise and … unified communications services fully hosted by Avaya, to provide companies with an easy, fast track to cloud.” Mercer Rowe, vice president and general manager of Avaya Cloud adds, “In parallel with the development of the master-agent program, we transformed the technology behind Avaya cloud, establishing storefronts for agents and making infrastructure changes that significantly improve ease of use.” Gately explains, “Under the program, agents can offer: UC fully hosted by Avaya; bundled carrier services; desktop options; delivery, management and support; and monthly, subscription-based billing.”

Avaya Debuts Master Agent Program for Cloud Sales, Taps Jenne as First Member

Under Avaya's new master agent program, sales agents connect potential customers with the company, which then handles the rest of the transaction, from contracting, provisioning, managing and billing the UC services for the business.

The “Digital Customer Experience Forum, an event that focused on current consumers, their transformation and the future of customer service in the face of 2025,” sponsored by Avaya and featuring Frost and Sullivan (F & S) Latin America continues to make headlines. Presented was, “an X-ray of current customers and what companies need to respond to their needs.” F & S pointed out that “the transformation of the traditional consumer is forcing companies to redefine the way they interact with their customers and find new ways to earn their loyalty.” Juan Manuel Gonzalez, director of Digital Transformation Frost and Sullivan Latin America is quoted: “Knowing the specific circumstances behind each interaction and applying that knowledge throughout the client's day will naturally result in a facility to do business that is, in the end, the main goal of any business today.” Laurent Philonenko, SVP and GM for Avaya Solutions and Technologies adds, “These are exciting times for companies, customers and for us.”

Avaya y Frost and Sullivan presentan una radiografía del consumidor latinoamericano (Avaya and Frost and Sullivan present an X-ray of the Latin American consumer)

7 de cada 10 personas afirman que la tecnología ha hecho mucho más fácil buscar un nuevo proveedor de productos o servicios y 65 por ciento espera que las organizaciones interactúen con ellos en tiempo real.

“The Avaya Equinox Experience leapfrogs other vendors’ offerings by delivering deep level of integration between unified communications and the tools needed for seamless, simple, highly productive team collaboration,” reads this article. With a “’mobile-first’ Top of Mind screen,” the post continues, that “provides at-a-glance visibility to everything that a user needs in realtime: schedule, contacts, messages, voice and video … The new capabilities of Avaya Equinox Experience address the growing demand for easy-to-use, integrated, unified communication and team collaboration.” Laurent Philonenko, SVP and GM for Avaya Solutions and Technologies is quoted: “The market is rife with applications claiming to enable employee productivity, but few deliver the level of integration that crosses communication channels and modes, context and contacts, workflow activities and infrastructure boundaries … That’s where the Avaya Equinox Experience stands out …”

Avaya adds team collaboration to UC

Avaya Holdings has added cloud-based team collaboration to the Avaya Equinox Experience, the company's signature unified communications and collaboration user interface and cloud service. The Avaya Equinox Experience leapfrogs other vendors' offerings by delivering deep level of integration between unified communications and the tools needed for seamless, simple, highly productive team collaboration. The Avaya Equinox…

Announced is, Experience Avaya Seoul 2018, reads this article. The purpose of this “world tour road show is for clients and partners to share in insights with innovative technology-based digital transformation strategies.” Avaya country manager, Yang Seung-ha is quoted: “Applying the latest technologies such as AI, IoT, and block chain to the business environment is an essential capability that determines the survival of enterprises. We will be introducing Avaya solutions that incorporate these new technologies at this year's event and will announce customer examples of successful digital transformations using Avaya solutions to help companies maximize business value.” Savio Tovar Dias, senior director - sales engineering Avaya International (EMEA & APAC) adds, “Avaya is constantly striving to provide an open, customized and intelligent communications solution with the corporate vision of building an Intelligently Connected World.”

어바이어, AI·클라우드·블록체인 더해 솔루션 사업 강화 (Industry, AI, Cloud and block chain to strengthen solution business)

[에너지경제신문 이상훈 기자] 비즈니스 협업 및 커뮤니케이션 솔루션 부문 글로벌 리더 어바이어(대표이사 양승하)는 20일 서울 양재동 엘타워에서 고객사 및 파트너사 대상 월드 투어 로드쇼 ‘2018 익스피리언스…

The news that “Avaya and Post-Quantum ‘will collaborate on Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), a service designed to transform and improve the security of data in the sector,” continues to generate global headlines. This article states that “The Avaya- Post Quantum collaboration focuses on the creation of a fully autonomous identity system, through which people maintain direct control of their own identity and credential attributes. The IDaaS ‘mobile-first’ incorporates biometric technology to authenticate mobile calls.” Laurent Philonenko, SVP and GM for Avaya Solutions and Technologies is quoted: “Incorporating this into Avaya Mobile Experience is just the beginning of what we can do with reliable identities, and we see greater relevance for a lot of commercial applications.” Andersen Cheng, CEO, Post-Quantum adds, “Confidence in identity has become fundamental to conducting business, and since this means managing sensitive personal data …”

Seguridad de datos con soluciones emergentes (Data security with pop-up solutions)

Contar con estrategias efectivas para la protección de datos continúa siendo una de las principales prioridades para los centros de contacto. Por ello, las compañías Avaya y Post-Quantum anunciaron que colaborarán en Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), un servicio destinado a transformar y mejorar la seguridad de los datos en el sector. En este sentido, IDaaS utiliza soluciones tecnológicas para reducir el riesgo de fraude […]