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Versay is a leader in conversational user experience design and voice application solutions, working with successful enterprises in consumer services industries including insurance and banking, retail, hospitality, and mobile telecom. Our predictive analytics solution, CUE Analytics, enables Avaya customers and partners to better evaluate and respond to customer needs and deliver context-aware, personalized care across and between service channels.

Since our founding in 2002, Versay’s mission has been to make it easier and more cost-effective for people to communicate with businesses. We consult with our clients to map where and how their customers engage with their sales and care channels. And with CUE Analytics, Avaya Aura® Experience Portal customers are able to realize the potential of emerging machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies and provide adaptive, more relevant customer service, achieving improved customer engagement and greater cost savings.

Versay is also proud to be an Avaya Select Product (SPP) partner, making it easier for Avaya customers to order and purchase CUE Analytics from their Avaya account team.

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