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In the digital era, every interaction, whether direct or indirect, provides insights and represents an opportunity to deepen customer relationships.

The key is to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to generate insights, processing structured and unstructured data from CRM and ERP systems, Public Datasets, etc., and then use these insights and context to improve user experiences within self-service applications, smart routing, agent augmentation, interaction management and more.

Recent improvements in AI/ML is predicted to have a profound impact on every aspect of a business, including a major impact on Customer, Agent, and Employee experiences. Avaya is building on the Avaya Oceana and Avaya Breeze foundations to bring these capabilities to the contact centers of our customers through an ecosystem of partners.


Providing smarter augmented intelligence that offers focused actionable results at the fingertips of agents and customers alike will change every interaction a company has with its customers. More than just automation and canned responses to customer queries, AI-enabled solutions from Avaya and our partners deliver value through combinations of deep data analysis and cognitive pattern detection, intelligent routing decisions, and advisory services for agents, and advanced real-time analytics and customer insights.

Effortless Self-Service

  • Increase self-service adoption through conversational interfaces
  • Extend bot-based interaction deflection across all channels

Lower labor costs and drive better customer service

Smart Routing

  • Use big data and interaction history to better match customers and agents
  • Leverage current customer sentiment and other analytical/statistical measures for pinpoint customer routing strategies

Increase sales and provide better customer service

Agent Assist

  • Improve agent effectiveness with suggested answers in chat, email, and messaging interactions
  • Leverage sentiment analytics and real-time alerts and indicators in voice and video interactions
  • Drive upsell/retention opportunities through proactive guidance and next-best-action suggestions

Improve contact resolution and provide better agent productivity

Interaction Insights

  • Intent spotting and trends through advanced speech and test pattern recognition
  • Best-practice and voice-of-customer analytics

Elevate offerings and enhance business processes

Agent Experience

  • Automate and improve QA with assistance of AI
  • Learn from the best agents to drive best practices
  • Improve scheduling by predicting volume and absentee rates

Improve workforce quality and effectiveness


Afiniti enhances human interactions in large enterprises by dynamically pairing customers with employees based on predicted interpersonal behavior.

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Arrow Systems Integration

Arrow Systems Integration (Arrow SI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Electronics, Inc., provides businesses with the transforming solutions and services for unified communications needed in the competitive and ever-changing world of technology.

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Cogito enhances the emotional intelligence of phone professionals by applying behavioral science through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cogito’s software evaluates hundreds of behavioral signals through voice to provide live conversation coaching for agents and a real-time measure of customer experience for every call.

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eGain customer engagement solutions power digital transformation for leading brands. With eGain Knowledge+AI, you can deliver high-quality customer service by empowering customer service agents with knowledge and AI guidance, making them as competent as the best agents. The solution also guides end-customers to fast, accurate answers in a self-service context.

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EXP360 provides scalable immersive VR experiences for distributed sales organizations based on standard off the shelf VR hardware—covering all required steps from content production to the distribution of VR content. The EXP360 product portfolio allows to guide customers through the VR experience either from a tablet or even from the contact center agent’s desktop.

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Nuance is transforming customer service into an experience consumers love through customer engagement solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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As a leading contact centre technology specialist, and Avaya Edge partner, Sabio delivers exceptional AI-enabled customer service strategies and solutions, helping Avaya customers transform their customer contact operations to create brilliant customer experiences.

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Salesforce Einstein

Adding its weight to the program’s predictive analytics category, Salesforce’s Einstein, the first comprehensive AI for CRM, automatically discovers relevant insights, predicts future behavior, proactively recommends best next actions and even automates tasks.  Examples include analyzing past and current customer experiences, sentiment analysis, and an array of contextual cues to create a better self-service environment where omnichannel routing is optimized, agent knowledge is augmented, and interaction insights are harnessed to enhance workflow quality and effectiveness.

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ScoreData predictive customer engagement analytics solutions have been successfully integrated with applications in such diverse functional areas as agent ranking, caller-agent mapping, fraud risk management, cross-sell and up-sell, and have been deployed at some of the largest banks, financial services, telecom and retail companies in the world.

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Sundown AI builds self-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications that are powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), graph algorithms and machine learning. These solutions automate customer service and sales via existing business suites in order to help companies grow.

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A leader in conversational user experience design and voice application solutions, Versay works with successful enterprises in consumer services industries including insurance and banking, retail, hospitality, and mobile telecom. Our predictive analytics solution, CUE Analytics, enables Avaya customers and partners to better evaluate and respond to customer needs and deliver context-aware, personalized care across and between service channels.

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