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Avaya and Salesforce Global Alliance

Two Industry Leaders, One Powerhouse Strategic Offering

Avaya and Salesforce announced the integration of their contact center products to benefit their joint customers in 2017.  Now in 2018, Salesforce has announced that they have joined the Avaya A.I. Connect ecosystem to further improve the customer experience.  For customers who leverage Einstein in their Service or Sales environments, this expanded alliance augments the current insights and intelligence afforded by Avaya technology solutions. The combination of both Avaya’s and Einstein technologies will translate to a more seamless experience with enhanced contextual awareness throughout every point in the customer journey.

Avaya Oceana Solution Video

Avaya Oceana™ Solution

No matter your industry or size, you can deliver and manage exceptional customer experiences. Personalize every step and possibility of your customer-to-agent interactions. Avaya Oceana is a purpose-built omnichannel solution that gives you complete integration and management of your traditional phone and digital channels. With an Avaya Oceana holistic view of your customer contact world, you can see customer touchpoints, manage routing, match resources, leverage context, and meet preferences. Avaya Oceana lets you quickly innovate in response to dynamic customer expectations. Connect and integrate third-party technologies, such as Salesforce, for optimal effectiveness.

Analytics for your Omnichannel Environment

Avaya Oceanalytics™ Insights

Capitalize on big data across your entire enterprise. Get real-time, fully meshed insights into what’s going on with your customers. Avaya Oceanalytics breaks down the silos around traditional analytics tools. You’ll have rich visualization of data to fuel real-time, smarter decision making that shapes business strategies and ultimately drives customer satisfaction and improves your agent experience.


Avaya Oceana with Avaya Breeze

Bring the Salesforce experience to life through an easy-to-use flexible integration of Avaya contact center systems with Salesforce. With Avaya Oceana, you can use Avaya Breeze app development and Avaya Snap-ins to extend and customize your customer experience. Enable your agents to work seamlessly directly from the Salesforce User Interface. They’ll see screen pops of CRM records showing contacts, leads, and more. This contextual data (ANI, UUI, email, chat) enhances the agent experience and productivity. Interaction logs feed CRM reporting and analytics, and enhance customer journey mapping. Click-to-call functions simplify outbound contacts.

The World’s #1 CRM Provider

Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world's #1 CRM, empowers industries and companies of all sizes to connect with their customers in a whole new way using the latest innovations in cloud, social, mobile and data science technologies.

Founded in 1999, Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) pioneered the revolutionary idea of replacing traditional desktop CRM software with CRM in the cloud, making it accessible anytime from anywhere. Today, Salesforce’s innovative cloud platform is the world’s #1 CRM solution. Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions and Salesforce market-leading CRM are already widely deployed in contact centers around the world—including many of the largest customer service operations on the planet. For more information about Salesforce, visit salesforce.com

As more companies transition to web and cloud applications, the integrated Salesforce and Avaya solutions will enable companies to move their strategies forward with little to no disruption to ongoing operations. Contact Avaya for more information about how this expanded alliance can benefit your company.

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