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Creates a Smart Workplace using Avaya Engagement Development Platform

Eutech builds software for workplace management of intelligent buildings and retail environments, within a smarter city. Recently Eutech built an application for a Middle Eastern high-end retailer. The application is designed to meet the following goals of the retailer:

  • Increase the productivity of the sales force.
  • Embed engagement and communications into the Retailer application.
  • Lower costs for Retailer.
  • Improve the customer service and drive more impulse sales.

The retail chain o!ers high-end cosmetics and luxury goods. Customers of the retail store often make purchases of several thousand dollars so having experts available at a moment’s notice could be the di!erence between a large purchase and a customer walking out. One method of having local experts available was to have dedicated experts in each location but this would obviously be very expensive as most resources would be underutilized most of the day.

The Eutech application (iVivaCloud) combines customer information with collaboration tools and allows an in-store sales person to immediately find a remote expert to interact with a customer over video. The application can also show customers inventory and other information to provide a high-quality, personalized experience. Customers of retailer want to be recognized and served well and Eutech & Avaya can deliver that enhanced experience at a low cost.

Eutech was able to leverage Avaya’s Engagement Development Platform as follows:

  • Rich multimedia experience: Despite having no developers with communications exprience, Eutech delivered a high quality, voice and video experience in just a few days.
  • Flexible deployment models: The fact that Avaya’s Engagement Development Platform is software-only implementation enabled the company to order the solution as a cloud-based application as well as premises deployment.
  • Mobile application enablement: The multimodal capabilities of Avaya’s Engagement Development Platform gave Eutech the capabilities to build high-quality applications on mobile devices. This is something the retailer considered a game changing approach to inter-operating with their physical environment.

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