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ALGO Communication Products Ltd, an Avaya Devconnect Technology Partner, offer innovative networked solutions to answer customers’ Smart Digital campus challenges. Avaya and ALGO have developed a unique, Smart Campus solution comprised of a complete and unified communications enabled solution that includes voice paging, emergency communication, event notification, door security, and flexible bell scheduling to specifically address use-cases for effective building safety strategies and emergency preparedness in healthcare, education, hospitality, stadiums and public safety verticals. ALGO endpoints provide video and wideband G.722 audio for optimum speech clarity using industry standard SIP to integrate with IP Office and Aura solutions. Connecting the physical building infrastructure with IoT smart devices with smart mobile applications improves team engagement communications outcomes. Communication workflow challenges are automated across a secure, agile infrastructure offering one of the most advanced Smart Campus solution available.

For more information about Algo, please visit: algosolutions.com

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