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Cloud is a Journey, Not a Destination

Success depends on having a resilient business that's ready for anything. Always on. And ready to pivot as needs evolve.

Tapping into the latest cloud innovation has never been more critical. Avaya OneCloud lets you connect without limits to all the cloud has to offer. Our unique architecture gives you cloud as a set of on-demand apps.

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Use What You Have—Add What You Need

Part of composing any experience is adding the custom cloud-based services you need with a single click—and moving at your pace. You can work easily with the cloud services you already use and pay only for the services you need.

Innovate On Demand

Connect directly with our cloud partners who are leveraging AI in new ways—no DevOps resources needed. Tap into new levels of innovation. Reduce risk with automatic updates. And gain peace of mind with Avaya’s expertise, more than 10K partners, and 4K+ patents.

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Partnering With the Best

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud

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Make customers feel special every time they connect with your brand. Empower employees with tools that keep them connected. And be ready to pivot at any time to meet every moment.

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