What are Private Cloud Services?

The Short Answer

Private Cloud Services are a set of applications and remote managed services delivered through the cloud in support of private clouds, hybrid clouds (a combo of private and public clouds), and premise-based systems. These pre-defined and/or custom service offers can help enterprises address a variety of business and operational challenges. Having an external expert set up and/or manage your cloud services can address skill and manpower gaps, reduce costs, and provide flexibility in how you allocate existing resources.

Your Path, Your Pace, Your Choice
Avaya Private Cloud Services are based on a model that lets the enterprise customer define the cloud path, the implementation pace, and the choice of services used to support the enterprise’s communications environment.
Avaya Private Cloud Services can help you deliver and manage a globally consistent IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL)-aligned private cloud communications environment that best fits your organization. Our services range from basic or standard managed services—including release management, targeted task management, and fully managed operations—to fully outsourced, fully customized private cloud hosted services.
Avaya supports unified communications, contact center, video and data technologies and solutions in multi-vendor communications environments.
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