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Avaya Room Systems


Smart solution for large meeting rooms, directing the meeting in an intelligent way by focusing on an active speaker. With the combination of audio tracking and face recognition, it properly identifies the active speaker (or speakers) position, and the dual cameras handle the transition from one view to the other fluidly.

The Aragon Research Globe for Unified Communications and Collaboration, 2020

Communications usage during the pandemic reveals a new and lasting business requirement: You must have a robust and redundant cloud-based and integrated platform that brings together voice, video, messaging, and more. See how Aragon views the latest UCC trends and solutions.

More About Avaya Room Systems

Maintain existing investments while harnessing the power of rich, seamless, enterprise-class video conferencing. Prevent network strain and additional costs with a smart design for minimum bandwidth usage.

Intuitive Design

A powerful but simple design that keeps the end-user in mind (no training ever required). Get productivity-enhancing features and cost-savings without over-burdening your IT staff.

Extensive Interoperability

A flexible, open design enables Avaya room systems to work with existing standards-based telepresence or video conferencing systems for full video, audio, and content-sharing.

Reliable, Efficient Performance

Dual HD feeds allow for both video feed and content-sharing to be viewed in full HD quality at 60fps, ensuring an outstanding experience every time.

All-in-One Conferencing

Combine room system capabilities with embedded multi-party HD video conferencing and data collaboration using any device for next-gen productivity.

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