Comms-Enable the Apps & Processes Your Business Uses Every Day


Avaya provides rich, open communications app developer tools so you can design, create, and orchestrate better user experiences right now.


Avaya offers a broad range of APIs and tool sets, built on open platforms, so you can comms-enable your enterprise’s apps and workflows with ease.

Avaya Oceana™ Solution

We built this true multi-touch customer engagement solution on our Avaya Breeze™ Platform. Now you can use Avaya Oceana to change your company’s customer experience. Build contact center applications, customer journey workflows, graphically defined processes, and custom clients that support any communication channel.

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Avaya Breeze™ Platform

Use this visual orchestration and workflow-building tool to cut way down on the hours it takes to comms-enable applications. Embed advanced, automated communications into your social, mobile, video, and cloud applications. Create advanced customer and team engagement services.

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Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK

Use a common, developer-friendly set of tools to build innovative user experiences based on Avaya UC, collaboration, multi-touch, and omnichannel capabilities. All the functionality we use in our clients and applications is now available to developers.

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Avaya Vantage™ Device

This innovative glass pane supports simple, seamless, instant interactions. It goes where users need applications—like desktops, hotel rooms, kiosks. Avaya Vantage has the advantages of a deskphone and the flexibility of an application platform. You use the Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK to write custom industry-niche apps for these eye-catching devices.

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Zang™ Cloud

This intuitive development platform lets you build what you need, integrate where you need, and make changes when you need. Imagine what you can transform with cloud-based development.

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