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Leverage Automation and AI Virtual Agents to Speed Up COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Automation Helps You Act Quickly and Effectively

Contact tracing involves mountains of meticulous information gathering and analysis—all required to meet standards set by global health and government agencies. Speed up the process and drive accuracy by using automation and AI virtual agents to reach out for contact identification, data collection, and communications. We can help you deploy Contact Tracing from Avaya—either with the Avaya software you may already have in place, or as an over-the-top solution.

Key Benefits

Quickly Scale

Quickly Scale

Ramp up and move with the speed, agility and flexibility you need to effectively manage risk.

Achieve More

Achieve More

Accelerate and automate contact outreach to minimize manual work and let employees focus on priorities.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Quickly communicate to potential carriers about self-isolation to prevent further spread of the disease.

Improve Experiences

Improve Experiences

Tailor communications to the individual user, their context, and the touchpoints they choose.


Streamline Your Contact Tracing Processes

  • Employ AI virtual agents for patient contact, with easy fall back to live agents when needed
  • Enable cloud-based proactive notifications to automatically reach out to individuals or groups with optional response tracking, text interaction, and auto-forms to capture critical information
  • Enable automated outbound voice calls, SMS, and email for outreach to patients and their close contacts across any device
  • Get up-to-the-minute insights from robust reporting
Streamline Your Contact Tracing Processes
Smooth Running for Overwhelmed Contact Centers


Smooth Running for Overwhelmed Contact Centers

  • Reserve your agents for live interactions on the most complex or confusing cases—create seamless handoffs between virtual agents and human ones
  • Optimize interactions with digital channels, skills routing, end-to-end call recording, quality and live monitoring, coaching, and analytics
  • Reduce agent onboarding and lower frustration with seamless access to apps, data, information, and resources
  • Speed up and automate the process of reaching contacts while reducing the burden on employees so that they can focus on what’s most urgent and important

Contact Tracing from Avaya

Contact Tracing from Avaya

Solution Capabilities

Journey Mapping

View historical traffic patterns and dwell times for those who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Hot Zone Alerting

Disperse or divert traffic away from congested areas with real-time, location-based alerting. View trends over time.

AI-Driven Voice Analysis

Generate better call outcomes and enhance compliance by delivering prompts to agents based on words and phrases spoken by a patient or contact. 

Automated Communications

Provide automated forms for completing information surveys, including close-contact lists.

AI Virtual Agents

Deliver intuitive, AI-based patient contact with natural language capabilities.

Cloud-Based Proactive Notifications

Automatically reach out with optional response tracking, text interaction, and auto-forms.

Automated Outbound

Use voice calls, SMS, and email for outreach and follow-up with patients and their close contacts.

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS has taken our operations to a level we never knew was possible—and it’s saving lives.

Scott Jeansonne

Compliance & Environmental Programs Manager


Contact Tracing Forum: Act Quickly and Effectively

Hear from CDC leaders, a university CIO, and health experts on contact tracing technology, which incorporates automation and AI virtual agents that can help meet high demand, speed the process, and drive accuracy.

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