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Most Digital Transformation Journeys Are Just Beginning

Enterprise leaders clearly understand the need for digital transformation—it’s an evolve or perish kind of scenario. So, most companies are in progress strategizing, planning, implementing and tracking digital solutions. And they’re finding that accomplishing the changeover is a journey.

We talked to hundreds of companies about where they are and how they’re doing in digitally transforming the communications that keep business humming. Less than a third of them can say they’re extremely successful in DX. And only 19% say they’re disrupters—rocking the market with new digital technologies and business models.

At Avaya, we believe transforming the enterprise starts with transforming business communications. The latest communications technology can ramp up your productivity and radically improve how you interact with and serve customers. Innovate faster, respond quicker, deliver more. Here’s how your company can join the top echelon of disrupters.

5 Ways to Leverage Communications for a Successful Digital Transformation

1. Help your employees embrace their communication tools

Make advanced communications tools available everywhere and embed them into everyday applications and workflows. Training employees and providing support helps ensure adoption. Real benefits come when people are using the tools consistently and effectively.

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2. Connect all the touchpoints in your customer's digital journey

Your staff is operating efficiently. Now expand communications options for customers as well. Success internally can be the inspiration and groundwork for creating a digitally-based customer experience.

Case Study: Avaya helps a financial services company build an online, omnichannel CX >

3. Make sure the human touch is still evident in your customer service

Keep the human touch central to your customer interactions. Customers love automation, but only as far as the technology is an enabler and not an obstacle to connecting with a live specialist.

Demo: Avaya embeds digital capabilities to help a retailer personalize customer service >

4. Integrate your back office with your front office

Maximize satisfaction by weaving back-end service delivery into customer communications. Use technology to connect internal and external processes and eliminate service silos.

Video: Integrating the back office into the customer journey >

5. Embed communications into your processes and apps

Embedding communications in your company-wide workflows makes information and collaboration more accessible and available, so you can make better, faster decisions and be proactive in meeting customer needs.

Video: Avaya helps an emergency services provider meet EU eCall regulations >

Digital Transformation: Insight into Getting it Right!

Sponsored by Avaya, IDC surveyed enterprise executives and consumers around the world to understand how brands are moving into digital business communications. Get the stats, see what companies are thinking and doing, and where the disconnects and hurdles are.

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Multi-Channel Contact Center

Leveraging up-to-the-minute statistics to offer the very best customer service.


“We’ve turned what was a Gtech customer service office into a modern contact centre operation.” —Chris Plank, Gtech

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Personalized Customer Experience

Knowing exactly where customers are in their journeys.


“Not only do we know who the customer is when they reach out, but if he or she called last week and spoke to Peter, they’ll be routed to Peter when they call again.” —Seif Alhamrany, Florius

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New Services, New Markets

Transforming customer service from a cost center to a profit center.


“We saw the opportunity to build on our brand and provide a fresh new service with a great customer experience, but this is not something we would have been able to deliver a few years ago.”—Dejan Ognjanovic, Telekom Serbia

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Solution Finder: Avaya Can Help with Your Communications Digital Transformation

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  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Optimize contact center agent productivity
  • Turn customer data into actionable insights
  • Keep mobile employees engaged and reachable
  • Improve distributed teams' collaboration tools
  • Integrate communications into team processes

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