Canadian Retailer

100-2,499 Employees
Unified Communications

Team engagement is the magic that happens when everyone in your workforce is connected effortlessly to the mission, to each other and to customers. When it works you feel it in your culture and on your balance sheet—and your customers feel it most. Barriers disappear. Productivity rises. Our team engagement solutions get you there.

Customer Experience & Contact Center​

Today’s customer relationships are ongoing conversations that unfold across time and channels. Phone, video, email, chat, social: It’s all one integrated omnichannel now. Done right, seamless execution pays off in increased revenue and higher lifetime value of customers. Our customer engagement solutions make it possible. 

Avaya Vantage decreased management and maintenance costs for this customer’s retail stores.


Improved Customer Service


Going into a retail store looking for assistance, and being redirected onto a phone call that gets you tied up in the queues for further customer service can turn many customers away. This was the issue a Canadian wireless services retailer was having until they launched Avaya Vantage in their retail stores.

The problem they had with their retail stores was that they had no connection to their call centers. They were equipped with stand-alone UC solutions with an average of 6 users per store. With Avaya Vantage they were able to connect it to their CC infrastructure to replace their existing UC solutions. This meant less management and less costs as compared to over 400 stand-alone UC solutions.


  • No connection to the Call Centers
  • Lack of seamless communication


  • Direct connection to the Call Centers
  • Decreased management costs for retail stores


  • Provided an enhanced customer experience

Avaya Vantage gives them a direct connection to their call centers. Currently, they had numerous occasions where the retail clerk had to instruct the customer to call their call center to get further assistance. The customer had to make a call, get tied up in the queues, which increases the odds of them walking away from the store and potentially reducing customer satisfaction as well.

With Avaya Vantage, their retail clerks can point customers to the device on their help desk that has an easy to use customized GUI. It facilitates a direct connection to agents or the senior management executive they need to talk to from the call center and get the help they are looking for. On the other end, call centers now know that the call is coming from a retail store and are able to provide priority service levels to these calls.

Overall, Avaya Vantage decreased management and maintenance costs for this customer’s retail stores. Additionally, Avaya Vantage provided an enhanced customer experience at the retail store level by providing a direct easy to use link to their call centers for agent or senior management executive support.

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