Mexican Resort

100-2,499 Employees
Unified Communications

Team engagement is the magic that happens when everyone in your workforce is connected effortlessly to the mission, to each other and to customers. When it works you feel it in your culture and on your balance sheet—and your customers feel it most. Barriers disappear. Productivity rises. Our team engagement solutions get you there.

Customer Experience & Contact Center​

Today’s customer relationships are ongoing conversations that unfold across time and channels. Phone, video, email, chat, social: It’s all one integrated omnichannel now. Done right, seamless execution pays off in increased revenue and higher lifetime value of customers. Our customer engagement solutions make it possible. 

Guests can request services, view the door camera, unlock the door, set the room temperature and control the lights, all from their bedside.



Improved Customer Service


A privately owned and operated theme park and resort in Mexico turned to Avaya Vantage to bring the best customer experience into their guest rooms and common areas for their hotels.

Avaya Vantage offered the opportunity to reach customers with a product and services in a way no other endpoint could accomplish.


  • Outdated endpoints
  • Inability to get more revenue out of each room
  • Reaching guests with available promotions and services


  • Increase the possibility of sales
  • Increase revenue per room


  • Integration with web services allows to easily add more services
  • Technology upgrade for room endpoints

Communication in guest rooms is mandatory, so might as well get the most out of it. Avaya Vantage was able to do just that by being able to present guests with hotel services like: restaurant menus, tour reservations, spa services, promotions, coupons, membership and loyalty sign ups, events and much more — all from the sleek glass device in their room. Avaya Vantage is also used as a room and service request control panel. Guests can request services, view the door camera, unlock the door, set the room temperature, and control the lights and curtains all from their bedside.

Room control is activated on the app after the guest checks in to the hotel and automatically de-activated upon checkout. This opportunity was not available before and now hotels can increase the possibility of sales and increase revenue per room by having a direct contact that pushes promotional material and services to guests.

Avaya Vantage crushes the competition by being more than just a form of telephony communication with guests. It bring all of the hotels offerings into one single all glass device, that is cool, and necessarily adds a modernized look to the guest rooms.

Additionally, Avaya Vantage uses the same app user interface guests would use on their mobile devices, making the experience for guests more fluid since they already have familiarity with the application. This customer is looking forward to integrate more services in the future, as Vantage is based on Android and you can integrate with web services. They can easily add services as their environment changes allowing them to be adaptable.

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