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With a turnover of more than $1.6 billion annually, the Uniprix Group employs 4,000 employees in more than 375 pharmacies located in the four corners of Quebec.


Uniprix has been a long-time user of Avaya solutions, having implemented Avaya VoIP approximately 10 years ago. During that time, the company has grown, expanding into two separate buildings. Their Avaya solution has grown with them, adding analog and IP phones, voice mail to email, conferencing and alarming capabilities. Uniprix wanted to embrace new technical capabilities, support continued growth, and create a high-performance network in their two facilities, but knew their existing equipment wouldn’t support all their requirements.


Uniprix upgraded to Avaya IP Office Server edition, to transition to a highly virtualized environment. By taking this approach, Uniprix is able to stay current with technology convergence, as well as create an environment that allows them to better share and utilize processing power, with easier and more centralized management.
  • A hybrid IP voice communications network serves 160 employees in their head office, and another 50 employees in a satellite location established to support company growth.
  • Each location has Avaya IP Office server installed on a virtualized server, connecting to each other and the PSTN via a SIP trunk, providing redundancy and unlimited communications between the two sites.


With this upgrade, Uniprix’s hybrid communications platform gives them a host of capabilities:
  • They can maintain existing technologies – such as digital telephone sets – and upgrade them at planned intervals.
  • They can add phone extensions beyond the limit imposed by their previous version. They now have unlimited growth capabilities.
  • They can now integrate mobile communications into their platform to serve mobile and remote employees.
  • They can now exchange their PRI lines for SIP trunks, which provides significant cost savings.
Denis Lemire, Senior Director, Retail operations and Accounting, says, “It’s just easy – there have been no technology challenges with Avaya so far. Our employees can take advantage of the new features of our system, without new training. We had planned on some advanced training, but it wasn’t necessary.”
Lemire also adds, “This approach allows us to upgrade SIP trunks and equipment at planned intervals. We can get the most out of our technology investments while carefully managing the budget. That meets our need to realize a return on investment.”



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With a turnover of more than $1.6 billion annually, the Uniprix Group employs 4,000 employees in more than 375 pharmacies located in the four corners of Quebec.

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