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With Avaya, when Journalists receive sensitive calls, they can transfer them to their mobile and head to a quieter spot.

– Stine Pontoppidan Myltoft, IT Project Manager, TV 2 Denmark



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IP Office is Good News for Journalists

Moving to IP Office has given Danish broadcaster TV 2 Denmark increased reliability plus a wealth of new features that benefit its always-on journalist team.

Busy newsrooms are noisy places – and much of the noise comes from the phones, which are in constant use with stories coming in, and journalists digging for more information. In short, no newsroom could survive without its phone system, and at TV 2, one of Denmark’s main broadcasters, that was becoming a concern.

“After years of good service, our phone system was very old and could fall apart,” recalls Stine Pontoppidan Myltoft, IT Project Manager at TV 2. “Operations and maintenance were expensive, and it was increasingly hard to get parts.” It was time to upgrade, before the ageing system became a problem.

Winning on Features

Reliability was clearly a key factor in choosing a replacement, but the TV 2 team was also keen to gain a range of extra features which the old system didn’t have. In particular, TV 2 wanted increased flexibility – recognising that many journalists don’t spend much time at their desk – and the ability to see users’ presence on the network.

“The starting point in selection was uptime of at least 99.5%,” confirms Stine. “Then it was about the balance of cost versus functionality.”

“Avaya IP Office was comfortably at the top when it came to features.”

Stine Pontoppidan Myltoft, IT Project Manager, TV 2 Denmark

Supporting Reporters

Several of those features are already proving a real asset to journalists. For example, twinning between mobile devices and deskphones is very popular. “It means that when they receive a sensitive call, they can transfer it to their mobile and head to a quieter spot,” Stine explains. “Or if a call comes in on their mobile which they need to record, they can switch to a deskphone and start recording straight away.”

The recording feature is another major benefit from the reporters’ perspective.

“Journalists are now all able to record any call on their deskphone and can even start recording midway through a call.”

Stine Pontoppidan Myltoft, IT Project Manager, TV 2 Denmark

TV2 Denmark

Presence Enhances Service

The third feature that has really made a difference operationally is presence. Now, TV 2’s reception desk can check who is available to take a call on which device, and transfer accordingly. Receptionists can also see if any named individual is already on the phone, and so avoid handing calls from a member straight to voicemail. While it’s taken a few months for all users to realise the capabilities of the new system, the move to IP Office is now paying off. Journalists are keen to learn about tools like mobile twinning and hot-desking, but that aside, their silence speaks volumes. “Phones here are just supposed to work,” Stine grins, “so when they do, we don’t hear anything!”

Excellent Service

The solution – which, with 1,500 user licences is believed to be one of the largest IP Office deployments in Denmark – was devised and implemented by Avaya Business Partner Jansson Kommunikation, and Stine has been very happy with the service TV 2 has received. “Jansson offers excellent technical and project management resources; during switchover to the IP Office platform, we had a problem with our network operator – they simply didn’t do what they were supposed to do. Jansson fixed it, and everything else went smoothly. We trust them and rely on them.”

Finding Efficiencies

While the benefits in everyday operational terms are already clear, over the coming years TV 2 will also gain tangible cost benefits from moving to IP Office. Jansson has been able to remove a third of TV 2’s ISDN lines and other savings are set to follow. “Operating Expenditure (OPEX) will definitely be lower,” Stine states, “and we’ve been able to reduce the number of handsets. Reporting will be better and our maintenance costs will drop.” Already, the support costs are substantially lower: despite moving from a contract which offered support during office hours only to a 24x7 service contract for the first year, the costs only increased a fraction. Further savings will become apparent as communications with TV 2’s international offices in Washington DC and Singapore are managed via IP Office, and journalists in remote locations can also benefit from the single unified communications platform.

But for now, it’s the features that are proving the big benefit. And with happy users, Stine herself can be happy too.

“The engagement with the Avaya team has been better than exceptional. Their expertise and product knowledge is second to none, as you would expect, and everyone on the team knows their job.”

Stine Pontoppidan Myltoft, IT Project Manager, TV 2 Denmark

TV 2 Denmark
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TV 2 is a television and radio broadcaster based in Odense, Denmark. It began broadcasting in 1988, and now has six channels and VOD services. It employs around 1,200 people.

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“The engagement with the Avaya team has been better than exceptional. Their expertise and product knowledge is second to none and everyone on the team knows their job.”

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