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Videoconferencing as a service with Avaya Scopia® has proved such a success that, just a few months after launch, TRUE IDC has had to nearly triple the capacity available.


Improved Customer Service
Reduce Cost

Collaboration for all

When Thailand’s leading internet data center (IDC) service provider TRUE IDC first launched its managed video service some years ago, videoconferencing was still very much seen as an option for large, international businesses. But in recent years, smartphone apps and increased bandwidth have changed the rules, making video an increasingly popular method of communication for all kinds of users. It’s no surprise then that companies of all sizes are keen to use video to support collaboration and facilitate communication with branches.
TRUE IDC had realized its existing offer was in danger of being behind the times. It required customers to purchase video endpoints, plus a dedicated communication link; it also involved a good deal of configuration and support, which in turn detracted from the customer experience.


Transform the basic managed service video offer into HD videoconferencing as a service (VCaaS) – more flexible, easier to set up and offering higher quality to customers, including mobile users.


Seeing the opportunity

The company could see that advancing technology had created a clear opportunity: to provide high quality HD videoconferencing as a service – hosted and managed by TRUE IDC, and accessible via the internet on a huge range of different devices.
“We felt that by making videoconferencing easier for our customers, we could really increase service take-up,” explains Nakapol Nipasant, Manager, Marketing and Sales, TRUE IDC.

“While the previous solution worked for bigger businesses, we wanted to offer a more flexible and cost-effective service to smaller and medium-sized businesses – typically those with several branches across the country.”
Nakapol Nipasant, Manager, Marketing and Sales, TRUE IDC

Seizing the opportunity

So in March 2014, TRUE IDC’s new videoconferencing as a service went live – providing an on-demand service that makes low-cost, high-quality video collaboration a reality for businesses of all sizes. Underpinning the service is Avaya Scopia®.
“Scopia was the obvious choice for two fundamental reasons,” Nakapol confirms. “Firstly, it makes it easy for people to participate in a video conference from their iOS or Android smartphone or their PC or Mac – as well as from dedicated video endpoints which a company may have deployed. That means it works well within the current Bring Your Own Device trend, but also helps keep costs low for businesses: they don’t need multiple endpoints. Secondly, it provides a higher quality picture and audio while using 30% less bandwidth per video call than our previous solution – from a standard of 384k it’s now down to 256k. When you’re supporting hundreds of calls, that makes a real difference.”
And already, just a few months after the service launched, the number of customers and conferences is rapidly rising. The company has targeted businesses with multiple branches, such as banks, retailers and the automotive sector, and picked up new customers in a range of fields. The service has proved so popular that by June 2014, TRUE IDC had increased the number of ports dedicated to videoconferencing from 80 to 400.

“With Avaya Scopia, we’re able to deliver a higher quality service using less bandwidth. We can also support smartphone users. Customers are very impressed, and so are our internal users.”
– Nakapol Nipasant, Manager, Marketing and Sales, TRUE IDC

Saving customers time and money

“VCaaS is mostly used for things like weekly meetings,” says Nakapol, “as well as training: the head office will lead the video conference, perhaps using an endpoint they have hired from us, and branch staff can take part from their desks or a smartphone. For example, one banking client is using our VCaaS to train staff in its 58 branches. It saves them money and increases productivity: staff don’t need to drive 100km for a meeting or a training session.” Avoiding unnecessary journeys is of real importance in Thailand, as the country’s high fatal accident rate has led its roads to be rated the second most dangerous in the world.
While the annual customer satisfaction survey has yet to be completed, Nakapol is confident that the new service will get a positive response. “Customers are very impressed; they like the flexibility and the fact they can connect via the Internet. The quality, particularly of audio, is exactly what they need at the price. Also, the Avaya Scopia system is very simple to install and use: it literally takes one click to start a conference, whereas the previous system needed technical input every time. And of course, it’s very stable; far more so than our previous system.”

Value Created

  • Enabled launch of pioneering VCaaS offer
  • Proved popular immediately, with the total capacity of the service increasing from 80 ports to 400 ports within 1 year
  • Attracted new customers across Thailand, including smaller businesses that cannot afford own video conferencing solutions
  • Reduced bandwidth usage by 30% from min. 384k per video call to 256k
  • Also used internally to reduce costs and eliminate travel time and risk

Supporting internal Collaboration

Further proof of that stability has come within TRUE IDC itself, which has also switched to Scopia for its internal collaboration. “We use Scopia between our two main sites almost every day,” Nakapol says, “and gain the same benefits our customers do: travel costs are cut, travel time and risk avoided.” The company’s staffs have been quick to embrace Scopia too. “I’d say over 90% of people who have tested it are happy with it.”
With such a positive reaction from a relatively small user base, the service is set to grow rapidly. It’s a great example of using the latest technology to meet a clear business need, which sums up TRUE IDC’s approach to developing and delivering communication services.

Products & solutions

  • Avaya Scopia® XT5000
  • Avaya Scopia® Desktop
  • Avaya Scopia® Mobile
  • Avaya Scopia® Elite 6000 Series MCU

Videoconferencing as a service with Avaya Scopia® has proved such a success that, just a few months after launch, TRUE IDC has had to nearly triple the capacity available.

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“With Avaya Scopia, we’re able to deliver a higher quality service using less bandwidth. We can also support smartphone users. Customers are very impressed, and so are our internal users.”

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