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Team engagement is the magic that happens when everyone in your workforce is connected effortlessly to the mission, to each other and to customers. When it works you feel it in your culture and on your balance sheet—and your customers feel it most. Barriers disappear. Productivity rises. Our team engagement solutions get you there.

Tata Technologies achieved a 38 percent reduction in communications costs in India within the first year of deploying its team engagement solution.


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Tata Technologies has implemented an enterprise collaboration solution as part of the company’s focus on its “One-to-Win” business strategy — designed to help the organisation to significantly simplify and improve communications with its customers and amo

Business Challenge

Tata Technologies was facing problems with complex calling procedures across multiple communication platforms from its different global locations, which had an adverse impact on meeting productivity as issues had to be resolved. The disparate systems used in different territories were unable to speak with each other, and the lack of a conferencing facility on a single PBX system led to use of multiple separate solutions. Employees calling from home would go through lengthy reimbursement procedures. The solution was unable to cope with rapid organisational growth, and high telecommunications costs were significantly increasing operational expenditure. The company did not have clear visibility of overall costs incurred since many were reported in subsequent monthly billing cycles.

“Tata Technologies partners with the world’s leading automotive, aerospace and heavy machinery manufacturers to help them build better products,” said V Balaji, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Tata Technologies. “This requires our engineers across over nine countries to collaborate 24x7 around customer needs. Despite the advent of email, Intranet and social technologies, we believe there is no substitute for good old-fashioned human direct communication to reduce ‘human latency.’”

“The global Avaya deployment reflects our continuous focus to enhance customer satisfaction.”

V Balaji, CIO, Tata Technologies

“The Avaya solution was measured not in terms of installations or the early adopters, but in hard dollar communications savings,” said Balaji. “We have made very satisfying progress and delivered substantial savings, but we believe we have much more to gain from the Unified Communication / VoIP capabilities in terms of driving collaboration change across the enterprise.”

Tata Technologies wanted a solution to connect its global employees using simple four-digit extensions, and enriched communications features for more effective collaboration between offices and with customers. This was achieved by upgrading the central analogue system in India to the latest IP platform, which formed the central server connecting integrated territory PBX systems and branch gateways using SIP / H.323 technology.

“Looking back today, two years after the communications project was deployed, I can definitely say that it has been wise decision for us at Tata Technologies to partner with Avaya.”

Umesh Bhapkar, Head IT Ops and Infra and CISO, Tata Technologies

Tata Technologies

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“It was amazing to have the Avaya team supporting our business transformation journey, and helping us to leverage technological advances in the fields of voice and data communication,” Bhapkar recalled. “While we have made significant progress already using the Avaya VoIP solution, there is lot more planned in the future.”

The deployment of Avaya Enterprise VoIP solution was part of a long-term IT strategy to strengthen the foundational IT infrastructure connecting the organisation’s global workforce of approximately 7,000 people. The solution included the Central Avaya Aura® Communication Manager, Avaya Aura® Session Manager, and media gateways in the branch offices.


The Avaya solution has not only enabled employees to quickly connect with their peers in other offices — reducing the human latency in communicating. It has also enabled seamless communication between employees and geographically spread customers and partners worldwide. Furthermore, the solution has helped reduce monthly recurring costs spent on telecommunications in India by 38 percent in the first year — as well as providing clear accountability of system usage to accurately capture costs against appropriate cost centers. Further expansion is planned for the company’s European locations.

Employees now have an option to connect from home or cell phones to the office PBX system and dial out to reach any overseas customer or attend any business teleconferences from their home or cell phones. Calls are charged to the employee cost centers based on the authorisation codes used. This facility has eliminated the complex and expensive practice of employees making international calls from their personal devices and seeking later reimbursement.

“The project deployment using Avaya solution was really very exciting. The system includes many advanced technical features, was very easy to configure, and there was always support on hand from the Avaya team”

“The proof of a successful deployment is to hear compliments from end-users on how it has made their life easier.”

Sunil Mishra, Telecom Administrator, Tata Technologies

Tata Technologies achieved a 38 percent reduction in communications costs in India within the first year of deploying its team engagement solution.

Tata Technologies
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Tata Technologies Limited is a company in the Tata Group that provides services in engineering and design (E&D), product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise solutions, manufacturing and product development IT services to Tier 1 automotive and aerospace OEMs and their suppliers. The company is active in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region, with its international headquarters in Singapore and 3 regional headquarters around the globe. It operates in 14 countries with a global work force of more than 7,000 employees, including around 4,000 professionals worldwide.

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“Looking back today, two years after the communications project was deployed, I can definitely say that it has been wise decision for us at Tata Technologies to partner with Avaya.”

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