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Case Study

Eastern Sicily’s New 112 PSAP Delivers Modern Emergency Communications for Citizens

The new technologies in place at Catania NUE 112 provide the region with a modernized communications solution to help improve the delivery of services to its citizens.

Key Objectives

Plan, design and start up of the technological infrastructure: 30 call taking and management workstations, application servers and client, Voice Recording Systems, Avaya Aura IP telephony.

Advanced CTI integration: Calltakers are enabled to monitor incoming call queues for all the four managed emergency numbers. It has been the first queue based integration ever accomplished worldwide.

Integration with local 2nd level PSAP (ems, fire, law): 112 PSAP handshakes with second level PSAPs (EMS, FRS, LAW) with a CAD-to-CAD integration. Beta 80 designed an integrated system for a smooth transition to the new 112 regional system.

Key Objectives

Given the size and its operations, the three-month project implementation time was impressive. The new technologies in place at Catania NUE 112 provide the region with a modernized communications solution to help improve the delivery of services to its citizens.

Nicola Le Mura

Director, Sicily 112

The Project

The Challenge

Beta 80, Avaya and a leading Italian telco operator, were entrusted with the Region’s first 112 PSAP realization with the specific goal to improve overall emergency services quality as perceived by citizens, including a faster response time and emergency calls management quality. The underlying fault tolerant technological infrastructure and complexity in assuring always-on interoperability with existing 2nd level PSAPs have been our challenges.

Beta 80 and Avaya were chosen because of their vast experience, ability to accomplish complex technical and functional requirements and their proven track record in planning, design and successful implementation of and 1st and 2nd level PSAPs.

Furthermore, Beta 80 CAD suite was considered as the best solution in consideration of the overall requirement demand including being as flexible as needed to be customized to meet the Customer’s specific needs.

The Solution

Beta 80, a leading Italian telco operator and Avaya designed an end-to-end solution for the complete management of all emergency operations. Beta 80 oversaw:

  • Design, installation and start-up of the technological hardware infrastructure including: 30 Workstations, Server a nd storage.

  • Supply of tailor-made high-performance emergency management software system to provide: Call Handling, Event Manage ment, GIS, Business Intelligence, Reporting, CAD to CAD integration, ANI/ALI, Citizen APP.

  • Call-taking integration with Avaya Aura.

  • Connecting the infrastructure with distributed 2nd level PSAP (EMS, FRS and LAW).

  • Ongoing technical support available for a 24/7 assistance and monitoring.

Key PSAP Numbers

  • 2.5 million citizens served

  • 30 workstations

  • 1 million calls/year (3.000 calls/day)

  • 10-15 operators per shift


Beta 80 completed the PSAP infrastructure and start-up of the first PSAP in just three months.

The system, together with Avaya Aura handles an average of 3.000 calls per day (estimated 1 million per year) and is compliant with European Emergency Number functional requirements about caller ID and location, multi-language support and text messaging interface for the hearing and speech impaired.

The project also included a citizen emergency app, developed by Beta 80 and integrated with the CAD system aimed at providing call takers with automatic additional information including calling party’s GPS location and citizens with extra features such as silent call.

About Beta 80 international

As a subsidiary of Beta 80 Group, Beta 80 International LLC oversees all business operations in the U.S. Beta 80 Group is an Italian company founded in 1986 in Milan. It provides high tech solutions based on in-house developed software platforms and services. We have 25 years of experience in developing customizable software solutions for public safety. Today, our iO® CAD covers 27 million citizens and manages 17 million calls each year.

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