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"This has made our voice communication cost effective with
minimal personnel and organizational effort.”
—Albert Linbrunner, Communications Technology, Schiedel


Improved Customer Service
Increased Productivity


Intensive customer contact and high quality advice have always been among the strengths of the Schiedel Group. In order to answer queries more effeciently, the European market leader in chimney and flue technology is currently expanding its expertise in German-speaking countries. A global communication solution from Avaya is accelerating this process while also increasing accessibility from company locations in multiple countries. This is creating the basis for more efficient processes and increased levels of customer satisfaction.
The energy efficiency objectives set by the European Union have created enormous challenges for the housing industry. Regardless of thermal insulation and energy-saving lamps, 90% of homes in Europe are still not meeting the energy efficiency standards and the need for modifications is tremendous. Heating and ventilation systems in particular often turn out to be real energy guzzlers. According to studies, more than half of the electricity consumed in private households is used to maintain comfortable internal temperatures. “Energy-efficient heating allows the greatest potential for savings,” says Johannes Kaindlstorfer, CEO of Schiedel GmbH & Co. KG. As a supplier of complete systems the European market leader in chimney and flue technology produces approximately 3000 kilometers of chimney and ventilation systems annually – and thus creates the basis for highly efficient and modern heating. “We have the perfect solution for every building and every application – ultimately even the most sophisticated energy-related refurbishment is bound to fail if a modern chimney system is not available,” explains the CEO.


  • Redundant equipment and connectivity issues between offices in Germany and Austria
  • Inefficient call processing and issues with lost calls


  • A consolidated communications solution
  • Improved accessibility for employees regardless of location
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Increased customer service and reliability

One for All

Within the group, the focus is on innovative products, efficient processes and excellent customer service. “We combine commercial success with profitability – the result is our absolute leading position in the industry,” says Johannes Kaindlstorfer. To better exploit synergies and increase efficiency savings, Schiedel GmbH is currently bringing its companies in German-speaking countries closer together. A collaborative communication landscape utilizing IP Office and the integrated solution IP Office Contact Center (IPOCC) from Avaya aims to facilitate this process. First, the Schiedel offices in Munich, Vienna and Nußbach, Austria were integrated into a unified communications network.
“Previously we operated separate swtichboards for the offices in Munich, Vienna and Nußbach. Today, all calls from the German-speaking region go through our central exchange,” explains Christian Kraxberger, Head of Application Technology and Customer Service for Schiedel Germany and Austria. From here they can be forwarded via mouse click to the desired contact – regardless of whether this is located in Munich or Austria. This is because the screen not only displays incoming calls but also calls in progress. The staff at the exchange can see at a glance whether the required participant is on the line or away from their desk.
If a customer calls the relevant Schiedel employee directly, but does not reach them, the call is automatically routed to a suitably qualified colleague. Or the employee simply takes the call on the go on their smartphone. “Many sales and technical colleagues use the twinning function of IP Office. This means incoming calls arrive in parallel on the fixed network device and the mobile phone,” explains Kraxberger. With IP Office, Schiedel has therefore strengthened the mobile connection of its employees. This has had a noticeable effect: “Only very rarely is a call missed, availability has risen markedly.”

"Previously we operated separate switchboards for the offices in Munich, Vienna and Nußbach. Today, all calls from the German-speaking region go through our central exchange.”
—Christian Kraxberger, Application Engineering and Customer Service, Schiedel GmbH “

All-inclusive Package

The processes at the Schiedel service centers in Austria and Germany are running even more efficiently. Today, the incoming calls are transferred to the right person reliably and automatically via the integrated solution IP Office Contact Center . Thanks to the interactive voice response system and the intelligent routing solution, each caller reaches the right place - regardless of whether they have technical questions about the chimney, furnace or ventilation systems, are checking on the current status of an order or want to arrange an installation. If an existing customer enters their contact details into the speech dialog system, all the relevant information also automatically appears on the monitor of the employee at the service center. Thus the caller can be greeted with personalized customer service. “Thanks to IP Office and Avaya IPOCC we can now also offer cross-border first class service quality – with reduced operating costs,” says Albert Linbrunner, who is in charge of the communications landscape of Schiedel GmbH & Co. KG in Munich.
Unlike the Austrian sites, in Munich Schiedel has used Avaya IP telephony for some time. With additional advantages: Avaya ensures that contracts are concluded with powerful providers, faults fixed as quickly as possible, and new requirements are implemented promptly. “With the Avaya Carrier Services we can make our voice communication cost effective with minimal personnel and organizational effort,” is how Linbrunner praises the all-inclusive package. In Austria, Avaya Partner Televis took over the implementation and ongoing service for the solutions installed. “This is also working smoothly,” says Christian Kraxberger. Given this positive experience, the two experts are therefore certain: for the medium term they want to integrate the remaining subsidiaries into the Schiedel communications network –and thus expand the boundless superior communication within the group even further.

Schiedel produces approximately 3,000 kilometers of chimney and ventilation systems annually –as the basis for highly efficient and modern heating.

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SchiedelSchiedel is active in 19 countries with its subsidiaries providing unique geographical positioning and innovative products. The company was founded in 1946 and currently employees approximately 1,200 staff and has developed from a pioneer to the European market leader in chimney and flue technology. Today the company is part of the Braas Monier Building Group.

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"Thanks to IP Office and Avaya IPOCC we can now also offer cross-border first class service quality – with reduced operating costs.”

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