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Today’s customer relationships are ongoing conversations that unfold across time and channels. Phone, video, email, chat, social: It’s all one integrated omnichannel now. Done right, seamless execution pays off in increased revenue and higher lifetime value of customers. Our customer engagement solutions make it possible. 

The main reason we have higher availability and better call metrics is because with our Avaya solution, we can see who is on break; we’re not short-staffed.

– Nik Parra, Chief Technology Officer, ReSource POS



Improved Customer Service


Granular Detail and Advanced Analytics Help ReSource POS Better Serve Customers

As part of its growth strategy, ReSource Point-of-Sale LLC (ReSource POS) recently branched out from supporting its own equipment only to supporting third-party point-of-sale (POS) gear for the franchisees of a large regional retail chain. Straining under the load of the increased demand, its legacy contact center system began to show its limitations. ReSource POS was ready to move to a new contact center platform.

The Chicago-based POS reseller had been using ShoreTel Sky, implemented when the company had only 3 contact center agents. In the early days, volume was only 20-30 calls per day. But as the company grew, its contact center staff increased to 20 agents. The company needed a platform to handle multiple queues for sales, support, and purchasing.

Challenged for Insight, Reliability

ReSource POS’ previous solution provided basic call reports, such as how many calls came in, how many were missed, and how fast the calls were answered. However, sometimes the reports raised more questions than they answered. For example, one report indicated an agent’s shift lasted 10 hours, with a total of 200 calls coming in during that period. However, the same report showed the agent had missed 380 calls — despite the fact that total call volume was nowhere near that level. Consequently, the previous system’s reports were of little value for comprehensive contact center management and training purposes. In addition, ReSource POS was not positioned to provide detailed reports to large clients who wanted them.

To make matters worse, intermittent carrier issues plagued ReSource POS. The firm experienced periods when the legacy contact center was down, with no way for ReSource POS to bring it back up. During these outage periods, the team could dial out, but customers couldn’t dial in. “It wasn’t that bad until we started getting more high-profile clients,” said Nik Parra, Chief Technology Officer. “Some of our larger volume customers have their own queue and reporting. Everything they need, we provide.”

Lastly, the firm struggled with customer voicemails going unanswered. A customer would leave a voicemail, but no one knew who was calling the customer back, and there was no way to track that. On occasion, an agent would claim the voicemail, but then get distracted with incoming calls and not follow up with the customer.

“With IP Office Contact Center’s reporting capabilities, we see a huge tool internally to improve our customer service center.”

Nik Parra, Chief Technology Officer, ReSource POS

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Ultimately, it was determined that the ShoreTel Sky solution was no longer the right fit for ReSource POS. The company began looking for options that would enable more control and also provide the superior customer service it required to continue upholding its reputation.

The Need for a Reliable Solution

When ReSource POS began looking for a new contact center solution, it was clear what the top requirement was: robust, flexible reporting with the ability to drill down into sufficiently granular detail around call activity as needed. At that point, ReSource POS was willing to invest in the infrastructure needed to provide the consistent level of service that its customers were demanding.

ReSource POS decided to look at other vendor options. Based specifically on advice from a knowledgeable contact center industry insider whom he trusted, Parra decided to consider Avaya IP OfficeTM Contact Center. Parra was definitely willing to consider moving to a more reliable solution with more advanced analytics features. With IP Office Contact Center, ReSource POS would be able to drill down into call metrics by customer or agent. The firm could view more than just call volume, but also how long an agent was on the phone, when the client had called in, and how often the client called. This would help the company better engage with its customers.

At the time ReSource POS chose IP Office Contact Center, it had already been expanding its infrastructure, ensuring that the warehouse in the same building had the same networking capabilities. Most of its solutions were cloud-based, including its main ERP system, NetSuite. ReSource POS installed additional cabling, brought in fiber, and installed additional network infrastructure. Finally, the company installed wallboards to indicate performance in the call center. Installation and cutover went smoothly, and Parra characterized the support from Avaya and his Avaya reseller as “fantastic.” Parra commented, “I love the fact that 30 days after cutover, they were still providing training sessions and meeting with us to make sure everything is going well.”

Immediate Improvements in Visibility, Reporting 

ReSource POS noticed an immediate improvement after cutover, specifically in terms of understanding which agents were handling specific calls. “Immediately, we saw an improvement in the sheer understanding of the call volume and how we were handling it,” Parra said. As the agents grew accustomed to the system, ReSource POS began seeing service levels of up to 80 percent within the first week, as opposed to the 50-60 percent previously achieved. Today, ReSource POS is seeing a 95 percent service level. 

“Immediately, we saw an improvement in the sheer understanding of the call volume and how we were handling it.”

Nik Parra, Chief Technology Officer, ReSource POS

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The company also created a dedicated queue for voicemails, which are saved as .WAV files and transcribed, then routed to an agent. With IP Office Contact Center’s multichannel capabilities, these voicemail transcriptions are now routed to agents via email and tracked like a call. On average, these emails are opened within 6 minutes, and the associated ticket is closed out within 8 minutes. Previously, ReSource POS had no way of systematically tracking responses to voicemails.

The Tools to Improve Customer Service – and Products

On the reporting side, ReSource POS now has a tool for measuring agent performance and providing training opportunities. The reports from IP Office Contact Center show who is answering calls and how much time is spent on calls. “If we see someone with an average talk time of three minutes, that’s not average — 6 minutes is,” Parra said. “Either this person is really, really good, or this individual is not taking the proper time to troubleshoot. This is a huge tool to improve our customer service center.”

The reports also enable ReSource POS to offer a new product to its customers: a comprehensive, detailed call report. This report includes all tickets and all responses, and helps customers to gain insight into how their franchisees and their accounts are handled.

Currently, ReSource POS benefits from three main reports: daily topic reports, weekly topic reports, and total calls. The topic reports allow the company to view total incoming calls and total successful calls, capturing the calls that go to voicemail as well as those that are lost or abandoned. Emails are also included in the topic reports. Total call reports provide insight into how many customers bounced to each agent. These advanced analytics were something that would have been difficult for ReSource POS to build in-house, but can now be used to drive better business outcomes.

Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction Increased

After just four weeks on IP Office Contact Center, ReSource POS could see efficiency gains in the contact center, allowing agents to better serve customers. Agents are able to close calls faster and immediately hop on another one. Once the wallboard went up, showing who is on break and who is taking calls, agents were able to better manage their time and rotate breaks. “The main reason we have higher availability and better call metrics is because we can see breaks; we’re not short-staffed,” Parra said.

“I love the fact that 30 days after cutover, they were still providing training sessions and meeting with us to make sure everything is going well.”

Nik Parra, Chief Technology Officer, ReSource POS

Agents are also more confident with customers on the phone, since they are able to access call metrics. Because ReSource POS’s core customers are busy restaurant owners and managers who don’t have time to be recalling and chasing down trouble tickets, being able to tell them their call history helps them know where their service request stands.

A Solution That Grows With the Company

As ReSource POS continues to grow and bring on larger clients, the ability to use IP Office Contact Center for skills-based routing will be critical. Customer calls can be routed to specific agents based on the account, or can be escalated from Level 1 to Level 2 support. With the reporting and analytics capabilities baked in, ReSource POS will be able to track call progression.

The future holds more automatic reporting for ReSource POS as well. The company is currently setting the ability to email reports in Excel, allowing it to add the metrics to databases and analyze as needed, as well as easily locate metrics for customers. The next phase is agent reporting that will drill into agent performance and call history, which can be used for training purposes to better serve ReSource POS’s customers.

While ReSource POS has only been using IP Office Contact Center for a short time, focusing primarily on telephone calls, it’s already seen efficiency gains and increased customer satisfaction. Most importantly, however, the reporting enables the company to provide its customers the best possible service.

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From one person in Chicago, ReSource POS has grown to a full staff of technicians and service experts across the US. In 2012, the firm opened a state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot warehouse and repair center in Chicago. ReSource POS sells & services a range of POS solutions, including HP, IBM, ELO, PAR, and NCR.

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“Immediately, we saw an improvement in the sheer understanding of the call volume and how we were handling it.”

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