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Avaya provides alarm monitoring and proactive issue resolution, reducing the need to staff around the clock.


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In one of the country’s oldest industries – rail – technology now keeps trains and those supporting them running efficiently and on schedule. For the IT team at one major railway, keeping up with the latest technology poses the greatest challenge.

The company employs thousands of people across 115 offices, some of which are in very remote areas. “The railroad has a lot of places that are hard to get to,” says the company’s Senior Voice Engineer. “They’re just dots on a map, without addresses.”

When hardware goes out in a far-flung location, getting there rapidly is paramount – or it can seriously affect operations.


  • For the IT team, keeping up with the latest technology poses the greatest challenge
  • The company’s centralized IT team cannot easily reach all 115 locations, some of which are very remote


  • Avaya provides alarm monitoring and proactive issue resolution, reducing the need to staff around the clock
  • Alarms frequently catch issues before they impact end customers
  • Avaya can reach remote locations faster than the railroad’s centralized IT team, cutting downtime

Faster Troubleshooting in Far-Flung Locations

The company has relied on Avaya for a number of years for voice and contact center solutions, as well as for support to keep its infrastructure current and operating smoothly. Avaya provides alarm monitoring and proactive issue resolution of Avaya hardware and software systems via EXPERT SystemsSM, and remote and onsite support for hardware outages – delivered by a designated team familiar with the rail company’s environment.

By relying on Avaya as an extension of its in-house team, the company’s IT group gains proactive, automated diagnostics and restoration capabilities, and fast resolution that prevents and minimizes downtime. Avaya monitors the company’s solutions around the clock, freeing the railway from having to staff during off hours. Most of the time, alarms proactively catch issues before end customers even notice.

When a lightning strike took out a phone switch, the company’s IT staffers were hundreds of miles away. Fortunately, Avaya arrived on site to resolve the problem at least a day sooner than the team could.


  • Avaya Support Advantage Preferred
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Avaya EXPERT SystemsSM
  • Release Management
  • Upgrade Advantage
  • Avaya Aura 6.x
  • Avaya Emergency Recovery Services
  • Avaya Communication Manager
  • 8x5 Onsite Support
  • Avaya Aura Contact Center
  • Client Service Manager

The same goes for outages of network cards, which Avaya has replaced within a few hours. Without that onsite support, the company would likely suffer from longer downtime on phones – a critical lifeline.

The company additionally engages Avaya to implement relevant software updates and upgrades with the Release Management service. A subscription to all upgrades frees the team from having to watch for notices and from the hassle of seeking approvals from Finance for every update or upgrade, which means updates are deployed in a timely manner and at the most convenient times.

“Helps Us Stay on Top of It”

The railroad benefits from a close relationship with Avaya, which provides a Single Point of Contact for global alarm receipt and trouble reporting. Additionally, an Avaya Client Service Manager oversees escalations across all locations, delivers reports and organizes regular meetings. Each month, key members of the railroad meet with the Avaya team to discuss any alarms and ways to reduce such instances in the future.

“Everything changes so fast but Avaya helps us stay on top of it, and saves us time in doing so,” says the Engineer. “They’re very good at what they do.”

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"“Everything changes so fast but Avaya helps us stay on top of it, and saves us time in doing so. They’re very good at what they do.”

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