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Colleagues are definitely happy with the new Avaya network and its CAPABILITIES.

– Francis Lee Mondia, Solutions Engineering Manager & Solutions Architect, iTSi


Reduce Cost
Enhanced Collaboration


ICT services provider with IP Office gains a perfect customer demonstration environment


Few people in the Philippines know Avaya IP Office as well as iTSi, the premium ICT services company. So it was only logical that iTSi selected IP Office to streamline its team communications across multiple sites and mobile users. The new solution also provides an ideal means of demonstrating the value of IP Office and one-X® Mobile to clients and prospects.

Like many busy ICT service providers, iTSi knew its own network was ripe for improvement. But finding the time to dedicate to an upgrade was always an issue. With Avaya IP Office, that problem could finally be overcome. “The implementation of IP Office took about half a day”, recalls Francis Lee Mondia, Solutions Engineering Manager & Solutions Architect, iTSi. “We configured a number of sites remotely, and everything was quickly up and running.” That meant the team were soon back supporting clients, and there was no network downtime – the two most critical issues for a service provider.


  • Reduce the costs of internal communications across iTSi’s distributed sites
  • Implement a platform that can easily expand
  • Empower mobile users to stay connected
  • Create a live and compelling customer demonstration environment

Convincing customers

The Avaya IP Office solution wasn’t chosen simply because of the ease of implementation. It made sound business sense on several levels. “We were operating a distributed network to serve our offices in seven cities across the Philippines,” Francis explains, “so IP was the logical way to reduce costs. As an Avaya reseller, we knew that IP Office had the capabilities we wanted, and we were also keen to have a demonstration environment where we could showcase Avaya solutions to customers.”

That has proved an astute decision. “The ability to show customers and prospects how IP Office works is invaluable,” confirms Francis. “We’ve used it dozens of times, demonstrating how easy it is to manage the network and also exploring the features of the one-X® Mobile app, such as presence, conferencing and IM. It’s definitely helped convince a number of customers to upgrade.”

“The implementation of IP Office took about half a day. We configured a number of sites remotely, and everything was quickly up and running.”
– Francis Lee Mondia, Solutions Engineering Manager & Solutions Architect, iTSi

Improving team engagement

The same features have proved popular amongst iTSi’s own staff too. “Colleagues spend a good deal of time travelling and working on client sites, so it can be difficult to contact them on their landline. With one-X® Mobile and IP Office, we’ve been able to introduce things like FollowMe, so calls are redirected to a mobile. We can also set up conference calls, with colleagues dialing in from wherever they are located. It means we can all be more productive and more easily reached.”

iTSi is also beginning to make the use of site-to-site video collaboration for internal meetings, using its new Avaya solutions – reducing travel costs and time – as well as a host of additional features that come as standard with its new Avaya IP deskphones. “Colleagues are definitely happy with the new network and its capabilities,” Francis reflects, “and the more familiar and confident they are with those capabilities, the more they can explain them to customers.”

Value Created

  • Increased sales and faster conversion, as customers and prospects can see clearly how IP Office and one-X® Mobile work.
  • Optimized architecture to support distributed working
  • Scalable platform for future growth
  • New capabilities for team engagement – including FollowMe and ad hoc conferencing
  • Substantial savings on internal communications costs
  • Reduced travel costs through use of site-to-site video

Ready to grow

The company is also using the network as a real-time test bed – providing a low-risk way of testing new customer applications and configurations. That means rollout can be accelerated, driving customer satisfaction.
The Avaya solution is therefore delivering a return on investment in two distinct ways: helping increase sales, while reducing costs. Both will be invaluable as iTSi seeks to expand – and the company knows that IP Office is a platform that can expand with them, right up to 2500 users. With a clear growth strategy in its target markets, and a solution that provides the perfect proof of what it can do, it seems likely that iTSi will need that capacity in the years to come.

Applications, Systems, and Services

  • Avaya IP Office 500 v2
  • Avaya 1603, 1608 and 9100 series IP Deskphones
  • Avaya one-X® Portal
  • Avaya one-X® Mobile
  • ERS 3500

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iTSi is premium ICT service provider serving the manufacturing, banking, finance, utilities, and government sectors in the Philippines. A member of the Infinite Group of Companies, it specialises in networking, data center and UPS services and provides 24x7 support through a highly experienced professional team. iTSi is an Avaya approved reseller, and has offices in seven cities across the Philippines, with headquarters in Manila.

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“We evaluated products from all the leading vendors, and without a doubt Avaya IP Office is the most cost-effective while offering the most useful features.“

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