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Most large businesses typically see a reduction in operating costs of 20% - 35% when they outsource.


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A Global Electronics and Technology Manufacturer Supporting Multiple Market Segments Faced Communications Challenges at Several Levels.

The company had 14 different suppliers of PBX equipment at 120 technical centers, manufacturing sites, and customer support facilities in 30 countries around the world. They had been unable to retain engineering talent to effectively manage their network. Costs for maintaining existing systems were high largely due to a fragmented outsourcing model, with multiple services being provided by several different vendors. One vendor that helped to manage communications at many of the sites struggled unsuccessfully to supply all of the needed services.

There was no competent single source of responsibility that could oversee and manage their communications on a global basis so that they could achieve efficiencies of scale and standardization. Their limited outsourcing arrangements did not provide the reach and scope that the company needed. Reporting and SLAs were inconsistent throughout the global environment. This was unacceptable in a company that needs to maintain consistency and reliability throughout its global supply chain.

Due to financial strains, the company had not been able to make any significant investments in telecommunications or networking technologies for several years — but even if they had, it would have been difficult to deploy technology upgrades globally due to the diversity and complexity of their communications environment.

Company management recognized the need to supply employees with advanced communications and collaboration tools in order to manage their global supply chain, marketing, and sales more efficiently and effectively. The company issued an RFP for one vendor to take over its complex network structure and to support it on a comprehensive global basis.


  • Provide global management for a large network of sites served by multiple communication vendors

Value Created

  • Smooth onboarding process completed ahead of schedule
  • Standarized support for 120 global sites
  • Reliable uptime and accessibility
  • Predictable pricing
  • Cost savings and improved total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Avoidance of risks from inefficient communications
  • A future roadmap leading to new technology deployments for continuous service improvement, enhanced collaboration, performance optimization, and employee productivity gains

A Revolutionary Global Services Solution Offered Exclusively by Avaya Handles Communications Globally

From the four vendors who bid on the assignment, the Avaya Managed Services team was selected to provide a custom, comprehensive solution for five years through Avaya’s recently launched Communications Outsourcing Solutions (COS) platform. The COS offering is designed to deliver managed services consistent with ITIL standards for deployments of unified communications, contact center, audio/video/voice/web conferencing, data networking, and other communications services throughout the organization globally. It provides a proactive methodology to ensure continuous service improvement, performance optimization, and employee productivity improvements.

The Avaya offering was considered the best solution at the best price. It delivers consistent service globally with a commitment to SLAs (with remediation) over the next five years. It commits to a smooth on-boarding process for 120 sites within a five-month time period, and ultimately to delivering standardized reports for moves-adds-changes (MACs), outages, restoration, and resolution across the company’s worldwide organization.

Step one was to achieve operational control of all locations on the network. The company needed to have this transition be as quick and seamless as possible in order to minimize operational disruptions and to avoid paying incremental support fees for every extra month they had to stay on the support model of one of their old vendors.

"Outsourcing also offers significantly improved performance across the communications infrastructure. When a company pursues a communications outsourcing arrangement, one important objective should be to leverage new technologies and make faster progress to “the next level.”

—From a report by George Humphrey, Director of Global Strategy and Product Line Management, Avaya Operations Services

A timeline of five months was established to bring all systems throughout the North America, South America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions under the management of the Avaya COS team, and to stabilize the network so that it could operate efficiently. Ongoing, traditional SLAs were established around response time and network availability.

The Avaya COS team completed the transition one week before the deadline. The results have been significant, including:

  • Standardized support services for multi-vendor systems at all locations globally
  • Customized reporting and global billing
  • Predictable pricing based on a per-license model
  • Reductions in total cost of ownership
  • Avaya services fully integrated with company’s Help Desk and tools
  • Uptime and accessibility improved, with no shortfalls from the established SLAs

The next phase will be a technology refresh that will transition selected sites to a platform that can deliver additional performance improvements related to the communications infrastructure; streamline change management; and support overall client process integration.

As the company moves to a standardized global platform, they can expect to benefit from advanced performance management with best-in-class processes and tools, and communications applications expertise. They will be able to leverage their open platform toward the deployment of state-of-the-art applications from both the Avaya portfolio and a vast range of fully interoperable third-party equipment. Based on industry estimates, they will be in a position to realize a 20-35% drop in operating costs. The full infrastructure and applications will be carefully managed under the COS agreement.

About Avaya Communications Outsourcing Services (COS)

Through Avaya COS, we support the day-to-day operations of a client’s existing communications infrastructure and manage what is currently in place. We help design, plan, and upgrade the client’s communications environment to meet their future needs with a solution specifically designed for them. In COS arrangements, Avaya guarantees customer service levels and price points with remediation.


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