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The Avaya IP Office server represents a significant competitive advantage for FIDSUD CDBA.


Improved Customer Service
Increased Productivity


FIDSUD CDBA, an accounting, consulting and audit firm chose IP Office as an effective solution to unify communications between its various sites throughout the South of France and to better meet the needs of their clients.

FIDSUD CDBA is comprised of 27 independent law firms located throughout the South of France, born from the merger of two accounting, consulting and auditing firms, created in 1924 and 1960 respectively. They share the same ambition: to help their clients grow by providing consultancy services. They are firms that are distinguished by their ability to adapt and constantly innovate to meet ever more varied and complex needs in a constantly changing world.

Present in 27 cities in 12 regions, FIDSUD CDBA realizes the importance of having a close proximity to their clients to maintain mutual trust and active listening in order to better understand clients' needs and anticipate their expectations.

Anxious to differentiate itself in terms of quality of service, FIDSUD CDBA called on the Scopelec group to develop effective tools.

Previously, the different FIDSUD CDBA sites had independent systems in each location with different modes of operation causing numerous problems between sites. FIDSUD CDBA therefore wanted to benefit from a comprehensive solution with effective and necessary communication features for the proper continued development of the company.


  • Need for a comprehensive solution with features to increase employee efficiency
  • Find a unified, dynamic solution to better serve a diverse client base


  • Streamlined and reduced costs
  • Improved quality of services offered to customers
  • Increased productivity for employees with a converged voice network

The consultancy firm chose the Scopelec Group due to its global offerings including solutions for networks, telephony, video, flow control, etc. They offered a high quality, complete service reinforced by professional advice, technical knowledge as well as the ability to find solutions that are innovative, relevant and tailored to specifications. This is what convinced FIDSUD CDBA.

The operator SFR best met the expectations of FIDSUD CDBA for telephony. By pooling access at the heart of the network on the main Avaya telephony server at the head office, agency digital subscriptions were removed. FIDSUD CDBA opted for the "outgoing SIP Trunk" network. Geographic telephone numbers for each site have been maintained, subscriptions thus pay for themselves.

With AVAYA telecoms solutions implemented by Scopelec, each employee can be reached on their cell phone or their fixed line with a single phone number. FIDSUD CDBA has streamlined its costs and created a converged and completely free voice network between employees in multiple locations (including company laptops). Finally, the number of telephone subscriptions and telecommunications costs have been cut in half. The Avaya IP Office server represents a significant competitive advantage for FIDSUD CDBA.

Scopelec also trained FIDSUD CDBA's IT cell so that the system can evolve in complete autonomy. The consultancy firm has appreciated the quality of the comprehensive responses and the proximity to Scopelec teams. A sole point of contact, they have integrated software and operators into one solution driven by both project managers and supervisory tools. With the VPN, all sites benefit from the Avaya telephone server as well as the videoconferencing solution installed at the head office.

Mr. Massey, IT manager at FIDSUD CDBA, says: "We were familiar with working with Scopelec; we found a custom solution. A company like FIDSUD CDBA researches the quality of technical solutions and seeks an attentive contact for real needs. With the tools that we have in place, we are overcoming distances and providing collaborative features to our teams. The inter-agency network gives us flexibility in our work."

With Scopelec, FIDSUD CDBA was able to find a customized solution perfectly adapted to its needs. In fact, Scopelec was able to provide a response resulting in an ingenious and clever analysis of the issues, meeting specifications, implementing effective tools and taking constructive action with regard to its client.

A contract fulfilled with professionalism, flexibility and experience that has paid off.


FIDSUD CDBA, an accounting, consulting and audit firm with a strong presence in the South of France (Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc Roussillon, Rhône Valley) sees itself as a local "Provider of Solutions". Its teams work alongside entrepreneurs to guide and support them in all of their daily problems of management and development from creation to transmission of their activities.

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"With the tools that we have in place, we are overcoming distances and providing collaborative features to our teams."

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