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“We need to use technology to differentiate ourselves from
the competition. Avaya is the answer.”
-Kanin Ananraya, Assistant Managing Director



Increased Productivity
Enhanced Collaboration

IT Solutions Provider Transforms the Way it Works with Avaya Fabric Connect

When leading Thai IT solutions provider CTC moved to new premises to support its growing operation, it chose a new unified communications infrastructure centered on Avaya Fabric Connect. Now its staff can benefit from mobile working and a host of new UC tools that make them more productive and improve the service CTC delivers to its customers and partners.

CTC’s business is IT solutions – and it’s good at it. So good, in fact, that the company has grown to over 100 full-time employees, serving a customer base of more than 500 businesses and government institutions across Thailand. So good, that it had outgrown its leased offices in Bangkok, and was ready to move to its own premises that better reflected its status.
Clearly, for a company who lives and breathes technology, the choice of communications infrastructure was critical. CTC not only needed a platform that was totally reliable – anything less would risk damaging its reputation in the eyes of its customers – but also one that was cost-effective. It wanted to adopt the latest technologies and ways of working, setting a target of making Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) a viable option for 40% of its workforce. After all, its use of multichannel and mobile working could serve as a perfect demonstration to prospective clients.
Finally, as Managing Director Amnat Chuchwalaphong pointed out, the unified communications infrastructure “had to be easy to use, manage and implement.” After examining the options, Chuchwalaphong and his team concluded “Avaya is the answer.”

"Our engineers really enjoyed implementing the Avaya solutions."

-Kanin Ananraya, Assistant managing Director

A Full Stack Solution

In practice, that meant that CTC didn’t just opt for a couple of Avaya solutions; it chose the whole stack, from core switching through to user tools. That took concerns over interoperability out of the equation, and meant CTC had a single point of contact for the entire process, which was crucial given the tight timescales it was working with. Furthermore, it meant CTC could benefit from Avaya support and guidance while its own engineers implemented the solution: a valuable learning opportunity for the future.

Implemented Ahead of Schedule

The foundation of the solution was Avaya's pioneering Fabric Connect which provides CTC with the capacity and reliability it needs.  Invaluably, Fabric Connect also dramatically simplified initial implementation, as CTC's Assistant Managing Director Kanin Ananraya explained, "Traditionally, when you roll out a new network, you need to configure each protocol on each device.  With Fabric Connect, it's plug and play: you just configure each end and it does the rest."

That dramatically improved time to service for CTC's new infrastructure: in fact, it was completed ahead of schedule and as Ananraya recalled, "our engineers really enjoyed implementing the Avaya solutions."


  • Provide a comprehensive modern and flexible unified communications infrastructure suited to a leading IT company and its brand new premises


  • More responsive customer service and more channels to interact with customers and partners
  • Increased reliability, security and scalability
  • Greater flexibility for CTC staff: mobile working as standard, BYOD available
  • Enhanced employee productivity with single number reach, IM, directory, and conference browser control
  • Implemented ahead of schedule

Security, Reliability and Mobility

The CTC team opted for twin Avaya Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 7000 Series at the core, along with VSP4000 devices at the edge.  To deliver the high-performance mobility it sought within the office, CTC installed Wireless LAN 9100, which Ananraya again described as easy to implement.  All of this has proved highly reliable, with no unplanned downtime since the infrastructure was completed.  A key element of this is the ‘self-healing’ nature of Fabric Connect: if any device goes down, the network dynamically re-routes around it with sub-second failover.
To control access to its network, particularly given the additional security risks associated with BYOD, CTC installed Session Border Controller for Enterprise and Identity Engines.  The latter was integrated with CTC’s Active Directory to provide consistent access for each user whatever device they choose.  All staff are now able to use their own devices on the network, and the initial target of 40% of staff opting for BYOD has been exceeded.

New Tools for User Productivity

Users benefited from a host of new UC tools available with Avaya IP Office.  These included instant messaging and conferencing plus the ability to just use one contact number across all devices.  This was a key advantage for Chuchwalaphong, as it means his team is always available for customers and partners – whether they are on the road or in the office.
Users too have welcomed the new features and flexibility, and the whole way of working in the office has changed; staff move around and sit next to different colleagues to collaborate on projects.
CTC has also been impressed with the toolset for network management, which makes it easy to monitor performance and usage. That in turn allows it to identify where the current set-up can be optimized.

Driving Customer Satisfaction

But perhaps the most important consequence has been in terms of customer satisfaction. With the new infrastructure, CTC has been able to answer more calls faster. “We can also trace our service status,” adds Ananraya, “which helps us avoid potential downtime. Furthermore, we are better able to follow up issues raised by customers.”
These improvements have helped CTC achieve a four-point increase in overall customer satisfaction over the last year.

Avaya is the Answer

Reflecting on the months since CTC moved to its new premises, Ananraya is delighted with how the culture has changed on the back of the new technology. “I fully recommend Avaya solutions,” he stated. “First, the speed of implementation is excellent. Secondly, they’re more reliable. Thirdly, a network like ours gives the scalability that every organization needs."  He concluded “We need to use technology to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Avaya is the answer.”



  • Avaya Fabric Connect
  • Avaya IP Office
  • Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 7000 series and 4000 series
  • Identity Engines
  • Session Border Controller for Enterprise
  • Wireless LAN 9100

About CTC

Comp Trading Company (CTC) is a fast-growing IT solutions provider, with customers including over 500 leading businesses and government departments in Thailand. Founded in 1985, CTC offers full life-cycle IT services including consultancy, system integration and ongoing maintenance and support.

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Comp Trading Company (CTC) is a fast-growing IT solutions provider, with customers including over 500 leading businesses and government departments in Thailand. Founded in 1985, CTC offers full life-cycle IT services including consultancy, system integration and ongoing maintenance and support.

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“I fully recommend Avaya solutions, the speed of implementation is excellent and they’re more reliable."

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