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Council in Netherlands Enables BYOD and Wireless Access for Employees and Breda’s Citizens

Breda City Council provides essential public services to businesses and citizens living in the Dutch city of Breda and the surrounding area. To support the development of the city, the council wanted a flexible new network with the capacity to support a range of new services.

With over 178,000 inhabitants Breda is one of the ten largest cities in the Netherlands. It’s very historic city holds an increasingly important position in the future of the Netherlands, and is undergoing significant economic and social development. Examples of major projects driving this growth include the creation of the location “ViaBreda” and the large-scale development within various zones around the city centre.

The Need for a Network

As Breda grows, so does the importance of its network as an enabler of services that support both council employees and the city’s citizens. The City Council realised that the network infrastructure would need to be enhanced to cope with evolving demand and security requirements. In the face of the rapidly changing expectations, cost-effectively providing new and innovative services – such as flexible wireless or guest access – would prove to be a challenge. So when the city’s ICT team came to review its network infrastructure, it was faced with a strategically important decision.

“We needed to choose between putting out a new tender for our existing equipment or decide on a complete replacement of all our network components.”

Dennis Stakenburg, Team Coordinator ICT Architect, Breda City Council

City of Breda

“We also had plans to introduce a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, provide full wireless LAN coverage, and also further optimise our network security,” Stakenburn recalled. “With all these factors in mind, we opted to completely refresh and extend our network infrastructure.”

A New Era of Flexibility and Control

After a competitive tender process Breda City Council chose Vosko Networking, its long term network partner, to provide it with a new network built on Avaya Networking solutions and management software.

With Vosko’s help, Breda City Council has now completely renewed its network infrastructure – making the best possible use of Avaya’s advanced portfolio of solutions to create a more secure, simplified, high-capacity, and – most crucially – agile network that makes it much easier to provision new services and support flexible ways of working. 

So far the council has achieved:

  • The upgrade of all connections to 10 Gigabit per second 
  • Implementation of wireless coverage in the two council main offices 
  • Setup of a new external internet connection for public and guest access
  • Network access control based on Avaya ID Engines and leveraging industry standards
  • The creation of a BYOD segment with the network employees own equipment 

As a result, the council’s employees are now able to work more flexibly and productively, enabling the organization to provide a more responsive service to citizens. 

Continuing this theme, the Breda ICT team is also now using the new network to develop city-wide wireless access for a variety of mobile devices for use by the employees.

“We want to have the option to equip employees with a device, such as a tablet, that will let them access our corporate network anywhere, anytime, through our wireless network, a 3G/4G cellular connection, or any other wireless Internet connection.”

Dennis Stakenburg, Team Coordinator ICT Architect, Breda City Council

City of Breda

Future-Proofing with Avaya Fabric Connect

Crucially, the new infrastructure has been created for the future use of Avaya Fabric Connect, a powerful network virtualisation technology built using Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) protocol, and delivering advanced service-orientated capabilities. Fabric Connect can enable Breda to deploy any new services quickly without making major changes to the configuration of the network; time-to-service is significantly enhanced and configuration risk is dramatically reduced.

“Fabric Connect is a significant development from the ‘old’ way of building networks, where everything was designed from the ‘core out’,” explained Stakenburg. “The main driver to use Avaya Fabric Connect in the future is that configuration occurs only at the network edge, which means you can be much more agile when you need to make changes,” Stakenburg continues. “What this means for organisations like Breda is that as well as getting improved redundancy and security, you can also roll out new initiatives or policies like BYOD much more easily. And all this can be achieved without re-designing or re-configuring the heart of the network every time new services need to be added.”

Outstanding Ongoing Support

Dennis Stakenburg adds that Vosko’s support and knowledge of the Avaya portfolio has been outstanding throughout the project’s implementation, helping to ensure there was no disruption to public service.

“Everything went very smoothly,” he explains. “This was very important because we provide a 24/7 service. We have a digital portal that we host ourselves, telephony services that have to be accessible at all times, public parking facilities and other services that are open in the evenings and at weekends. You can’t just switch everything off to implement changes."

“Because our Avaya network is agile and redundant, we are now able to operate, maintain, and evolve the infrastructure and applications while maintaining the delivery of services.”

Dennis Stakenburg, Team Coordinator ICT Architect, Breda City Council

City of Breda
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Breda City Council provides public services to the citizens of Breda, a city in the Netherlands. Breda has a population of 178,000 and is situated in the south-west region of the country.

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“Because our Avaya network is agile and redundant, we are now able to operate, maintain, and evolve the infrastructure and applications while maintaining the delivery of services.”

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