Case Study

Medical Supplier Expands Customer Service and Sales Capabilities with Avaya Solutions

We found what we needed with the Avaya Aura Contact Center and our Avaya IVR. This system is the Cadillac in its field.

Contact Center Evolves from Operational Expense to Revenue Source

Byram Healthcare is one of the leading suppliers of disposable medical products in the United States. It offers solutions in a wide range of product categories, including Diabetes, Ostomy, Wound Care, Urology, Incontinence, Breast Pumps and Enteral Nutrition. The company’s mission: “improve our customers’ health with the best and most efficient healthcare delivery.”

For Byram’s IT team, success breeds its own share of challenges. For example, Byram receives approximately 300,000 toll-free inbound calls a month. It’s a demanding environment, in which rapid response and delivery is mission-critical. Seeking out the most effective communication technologies for a fast-paced business led Byram to invest in Avaya as its preferred vendor/partner for networking, contact center and telecommunications.

Data Center Upgrade

A long-time Avaya data networking customer, Byram recently decided to upgrade the network in its data center to support VoIP telecommunications and more advanced contact center solutions. Byram considered solutions from various manufacturers.

Nick Piecora, CIO, comments, “What caught our attention was that the Avaya option didn’t involve a forklift upgrade, as other vendor options would have. Instead, it allowed us to build on our existing infrastructure.”

“We could see the solution would be relatively future-proof,” he adds, “because we could perform upgrades on a strictly software basis, and easily integrate new technologies in the future.”

Byram wanted gigabit capacity in the data center and 100Base-T at the edge network. After researching the solutions that Avaya had to offer, the IT team liked what it saw and made the decision to standardize on the Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 5500 Series for the data center, and Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 4550 for the edge.

The Avaya ERS 5500 Series solution was a solid choice for Byram, because the solution is specifically designed for high-capacity data centers and network core environments. Convergence-ready, with a scalable, stackable architecture, it provides high-performance and resilient Ethernet switching connectivity. Upgrades can be performed simply and cost-effectively via software, to help keep pace as networking technology evolves.


  • Meet SLAs for inbound customer calls for seven product areas
  • Enable automated outbound campaigns
  • Provide the agility and scalability to meet all current and future needs
  • Interconnect 26 sites (including 19 contact center locations)

Value Created

  • Substantial savings on equipment, software and staff time
  • High network reliability and scalability
  • Ease of management
  • Extensive self-service (via IVR)
  • Agile agent functionality and greater productivity
  • Enhanced supervisor capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Extended contact center hours
  • Business continuity during emergencies
  • Significantly lower wait and transfer times
  • Enhanced supervisor capabilities
  • Optimized customer experience
  • Contact center is a vital revenue-driving asset

Flexibility, Reliability

“With the Avaya solution, we had the flexibility to gradually phase out our old platform and install the ERS 5520s into the data center,” Piecora says. “On the edge sites, we went through a similar strategy with a three-year phase-in approach to replace our aging switch infrastructure with Avaya 4550 Ethernet Routing Switches."

“Our upgrade from the older Avaya switches to new ones in the data center and at the edge was relatively smooth and seamless. The new switches are easy to manage, and we’ve been happy with their performance.”

For Voice over IP (VoIP), Byram updated its existing Avaya Communication Server 1000 (CS1000). The CS1000 is a full-featured system that delivers complete unified communications on a highly reliable platform. A true “workhorse” platform, it supports unified messaging, conferencing, contact center communications and interactive voice response.

We set out to find an effective and cost-efficient contact center solution to help us provide a high-quality customer experience, ensure the revenue flow, optimize productivity, and improve our capital and operating costs.

Nick Piecora

Chief Information Officer (CIO), Byram Healthcare

Improved Customer Service

As its core contact center component application, Byram chose Avaya Aura® Contact Center (AACC) to replace a legacy contact center platform that was underperforming and difficult to get serviced. Byram also deployed Avaya Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Byram closely integrates the contact center and the IVR with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) business management software, where the company’s customer and product information reside. According to Piecora, this integration allows fast, intelligent decisions to be made about how to direct and handle incoming calls on an automated basis.

Piecora comments, “The combination of Avaya networking, VoIP telecommunications, contact center technologies, and IVR functionality helps us to deliver effective customer service and revenue generation for our business.”

“Our needs are not simple,” he adds. “In fact, they are complex. We have a hub and spoke structure that connects 26 locations across the US, including 19 contact center sites. Each of our seven therapeutic categories encompasses a number of products that involve several customer service functions.”

“Structurally, we operate on a Center of Excellence basis, with literally hundreds of skillsets among our more than 600 agents. Our Avaya platforms provide the speed, flexibility, and level of integration we need, so all the moving parts work together well.”

The IT team utilizes a large number of the features offered by their Avaya contact center platform. These include comprehensive reporting, which actually has evolved into a platform for operational decision making. Enhanced supervisor capabilities enable the management team to analyze performance and apply best practices through real-time monitoring and unified reporting.

Customer service has been improved based on significantly lower wait and transfer times. Byram agents benefit from screen pops tailored to their customers. Self-service options via the IVR have seen growing usage over time.

At the operational level, the contact center now offers extended hours on a “follow-the-sun” basis, via contact centers located coast to coast in the US. Byram has implemented home agent capabilities with benefits in terms of peak volume periods and business continuity scenarios.

Robust outbound capabilities have also contributed to the transformation of the contact center from an operational expense to a revenue-driving asset.

Piecora states, “We set out to find an effective and cost-efficient contact center solution to help us provide a high-quality customer experience, ensure the revenue flow, optimize productivity, and improve our capital and operating costs,” remarks Piecora. “We found what we needed with the Avaya Aura Contact Center and our Avaya IVR. This system is the Cadillac in its field, but without the comparable high-end pricing."

We set out to find an effective and cost-efficient contact center solution to help us provide a high-quality customer experience, ensure the revenue flow, optimize productivity, and improve our capital and operating costs.

Nick Piecora

CIO, Byram Healthcare

Avaya Aura® Contact Center Reports in Use at Byram Healthcare

  • Activity code by agent
  • Agent by activity code
  • Agent by skillset/application performance
  • Agent DN performance
  • Agent login/Logout
  • Agent Performance
  • Agent Performance by Supervisor
  • Agent Short Calls
  • Agent transferred/conferenced activity
  • Not ready reason codes by agent
  • Skillset by agent performance
  • Call by call
  • Config – Agent Skillset Assignment
  • Activity Code by Application
  • Application by Activity Code
  • Application by Skillset
  • Application Performance
  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) Statistics
  • Skillset Performance

Key Value Metrics - Reporting functions enable the Contact Center staff to:

  • Manage the day-to-day volume of incoming calls
  • View the percentage of calls answered within 30 seconds
  • Manage lost calls
  • Track the volume of calls answered by each employee
  • Monitor employee activity
  • View outbound calls
  • Plan for staffing
  • Keep track of the types of calls they receive
  • Track trends within the call center

About Byram Healthcare

Byram Healthcare, a Mediq Direct Company, is headquartered in White Plains, New York and has locations across the United States. They have been a leader in disposable medical equipment delivery since being founded in 1968. Byram provides quality supplies, support and services, specializing in diabetes supplies, ostomy supplies, wound care supplies, urology supplies, incontinence supplies, enteral nutrition, and breast pumps.


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