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Organization Connects with Highly-Mobile, Widely-Dispersed Work Force throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

San Rafael, California – Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) is a nonprofit providing a range of services in seven San Francisco Bay Area counties. The organization serves approximately 30,000 children, youth and adults annually. BACR is able to serve its clients even more efficiently since deploying Avaya’s IP Office 500 to replace an outdated legacy phone system.

Bay Area Community Resources

Connecting a highly-mobile, widely-dispersed work force

BACR faces a significant communications challenge in connecting its geographically dispersed staff of more than 700 (372 full-time) employees, 360 AmeriCorps members, 75 mental health clinicians, 9,000 volunteers, and large constituent network. The organization’s dated, multi-vendor phone solution was difficult to manage and lacked critical accessibility features. It was replaced with the Avaya IP Office 500, a phone system ideally suited to small and medium-sized organizations. In the process of planning for the phone system, BACR also implemented a wide area network. And, according to BACR IT Director, Spencer Bolles, the solution is “light years ahead of where we were.”

As a 501(c)(3) agency, BACR was able to leverage the California Public Utilities Commission Teleconnect Fund, which provides up to a 50-percent discount on bandwidth, local access and toll charges. The Avaya IP Office 500 supports approximately 130 desktop phones and five audio conferencing rooms at eight BACR sites.

Bolles evaluated competitive solutions, but found they were expensive and didn’t scale.

“Avaya and the partner were knowledgeable about the needs of a non-profit organization.”

Spencer Bolles, Information Technology (IT) Director, Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)

Bay Area Community Resources

Improved Ease of Use, Myriad Features

The Avaya IP 500 Manager and Voicemail Pro solutions have dramatically improved ease of use and administration. And the solution has enabled simple and cost-effective audio conferencing.

In addition, Bolles credits improved communication with enhancing the agency’s hundreds of collaborative partnerships and sometimes even helping to win grants. “We were able to demonstrate in an RFP that we had the required phone system infrastructure to support a drug and alcohol hotline and that contributed to us winning the grant.”

“With the Avaya solution, we have a break even cost, yet we were able to modernize to a VoIP system that has enhanced our communications and personalized the experience.”

Spencer Bolles, IT Director, BACR

Bay Area Community Resources

Key features include:

  • Voicemail to Email/Visual Voicemail/Voicemail only with SMS Alerts
  • Multitech FaxFinder – Fax to Email
  • 4 digit dialing and intercom
  • Hunt Groups and Call Flows
  • Call Forwarding to Cell Phone
  • Directory

Leveraging the Network

Bolles is in the process of implementing Avaya one-X Mobile to enhance communications for its highly dispersed work force. The Avaya platform also enables video conferencing and Bolles envisions supporting future statewide programs with video technology.

Bay Area Community Resources
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Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) is a regional 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency headquartered in San Rafael, California that provides a range of services in seven counties around the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1976, BACR’s mission is to promote the healthy development of individuals and families, encourage service and volunteerism, and help build community. Toward these ends, BACR delivers services at more than 100 school- and community-based sites.

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“Avaya and the partner were knowledgeable about the needs of a non-profit organization.”

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