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Everyone in the Same Room, No Matter Where They Are

Avaya IX Collaboration is a cloud-based team video conferencing, collaboration, and meeting app. It seamlessly integrates voice and video conferencing, tasks, sharing, and more into one space. Access conferencing anywhere using any device—laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.

We designed Avaya IX Collaboration for teams that need a simple and effective way to track communications and manage tasks—without being overwhelmed by clutter or chatter. It’s a step up from individual task lists, without the jump to large and expensive platforms. Let your entire team work and meet wherever they might be. From screen sharing to video, voice, and chat with productivity and organizational tools, use Avaya IX Collaboration to organize your communications.

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Video Conferencing

Meet face to face whether your team members are across the hall, or across the globe.

Meeting Space in the Cloud

An always-on chat room so you can meet, collaborate, and more.

Unlimited File Sharing

Bounce ideas, documents, images, and more back and forth to really bring a project together.

Team Collaboration Just Got Easier With Avaya IX™ Spaces


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Zero-cost anywhere app for direct messaging, limited file sharing, individual task management, unlimited 1-on-1 video calls, and group voice calls. Plus, get exclusive access to a Business-level account free for 90 days.


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The ultimate Spaces experience. Enjoy all the features of a Business user. Plus, have up to 60 participants for voice calls, and up to 25 for video calls, dial-in options, and more!











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