Growth is the Next Chapter for Avaya’s Loyal Customers, Partners and Distributors

Message to Partners - Santiago Aguirre, Senior Director Distribution and Channel, Avaya Americas International


Growth is the Next Chapter for Avaya’s Loyal Customers, Partners and Distributors3:06

After a challenging 2017, Avaya has emerged from chapter 11 and is now stronger than ever.

They say that it’s during hard times that you find out who your real friends are. So, I must start by thanking these real friends—our customers, our channel partners and our distributors—for believing in us over the past 11 months. Because of you, we’re not only still standing, we are well-positioned positioned to win in the market.

To our loyal customers, partners and distributors, I say, “You stood with us. Now, it’s time to grow with us.”

With a strengthened balance sheet and a revitalized cash flow, we can now be more aggressive in R&D investments that will help seed the future growth of our business and everyone we work with— I’m talking about exciting technologies such as AI, IoT and Blockchain.

Starting now, digital transformation will also become an essential part of day-to-day conversation with our customers and channel partner community as we accelerate our efforts to deploy and consume our leading contact center and collaboration solutions in the cloud. This means increasing automation across our portfolio to create a platform that is even more open, making it easier and faster to integrate the best applications.

We’ll also be more aggressive in seeking out new technology partnerships that can complement our solutions; our global alliance with Salesforce is the ideal benchmark for the benefits such partnerships can bring.

Finally, we’ll soon roll out strong incentives that will help us solidify relationships with existing channel partners and customers while growing our overall customer base. To learn more, however, you will have to attend Avaya ENGAGE in New Orleans from Jan. 29-31. That is where we’ll be laying out our roadmap for the future, and engaging customers, partners and distributors in our digital transformation strategy.

Hope to see you there, and thanks again for your trust in Avaya. We are truly stronger together.

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