Venkatesh (Venky) Krishnaswamy

Director, IP Communications Research

IP enables a major leap in the technologies of communications and is propelling a once-in-a-lifetime paradigm shift in the way people interact with each other. Being a researcher in this dynamic area gives me the opportunity to contribute to the seminal development of technologies that will have profound long term implications for individuals, businesses and, indeed, society itself.

Valentine Matula

Director, Multimedia Technologies Research

My research is focused on using multimedia technologies to help enterprise employees communicate more effectively with customers and fellow employees.

Anjur S. (Krishna) Krishnakumar

Director, Networked Systems Research

My recent research has been focused on investigating the use of popular technologies from other areas for enterprise applications. Recent examples include applications of QR codes and augmented virtuality via gaming engines.

John Buford

Research Scientist

“The IP communications value proposition is to leverage the economies, scalability, and performance of IP networking and the software ecosystem of general purpose computing. My recent research interests include cloud-based collaboration tools, human-centric communication, phone virtualization, application layer multicasting, and feature interaction.”

Krishna (Kishore) Dhara

Research Scientist

George Erhart

Research Scientist

Through SIP, enterprise and personal communication can change to match how we want to communicate, when we want to communicate and by what method we want to communicate. The challenge is to make this work to improve business and personal efficiency.

Birgit Geppert

Research Scientist

Randy Hackbarth

Research Scientist

Improve the practice of software development and know it.

Ajita John

Research Scientist

My research interests are in social media and social computing.

Wen Hua Ju

Research Scientist

Play around with data and make sense out of them – that’s what I do.

Reinhard Klemm

Research Scientist

“My research goal is to create software that unobtrusively assists enterprise workers and enterprise customers in having more meaningful, productive, convenient, and pleasant communications experiences.”

P. (PK) Krishnan

Research Scientist

Pushing the boundary with inspired solutions to real problems. Especially interested in creating and advancing ideas that generate new business opportunities.

Audris Mockus

Research Scientist

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John Palframan

Research Scientist

Being in the Avaya Resource Center for Software Technology allows me to help improve the state of the practice of software development in Avaya.

Navjot Singh

Research Scientist

It brings me great satisfaction to tackle the current problem of security attacks by developing tools to protect systems against them

David Skiba

Senior Research Scientist

My research focus is on creating new language understanding systems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Enterprise and Contact Centers and implementing new and innovative multimedia dialog systems. The next generation of communications systems will provide efficient and effective connectivity for users, which in turn should help them be more productive and satisfied.

Pat Tendick

Research Scientist

We are seeing a revolution in the way large organizations use data. Data has become a corporate strategic weapon of the 21st century.

Shalini Yajnik

Research Scientist

“Working in an industry research environment, like Avaya Labs, is very interesting because I get to explore new technologies and study their applicability in real-life scenarios.”

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