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New Avaya Technology Addresses Healthcare Industry’s 34% Record Number of Security Breaches

Avaya SDN Fx Healthcare is the first smart solution to connect, manage and help secure medical devices so that healthcare can reduce its rank as the industry with the highest number of security breaches
SANTA CLARA, CALIF. - Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016 - Healthcare technology leaders visiting HIMSS 16 next week will have a first-hand look at a unique network solution that enables IT to simply connect, protect and manage the growing number of medical devices deployed throughout healthcare facilities. Developed by Avaya, a global leader in business communications, with significant input from a leading healthcare organization, SDN Fx Healthcare is the first industry solution to address the management and security of the Internet of Things for healthcare that can help mitigate exposure in light of a rising number of security breaches.  
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Digital healthcare is driven by three needs: security, patient experience, and reducing skyrocketing costs. A 2015 report cited by Government Health IT indicates more than 34% of healthcare records have already been breached – the highest figure of any industry. The top 10 breaches alone affected more than 111 million records. Industry analysts at IDC Health Insights predict that one in three health care recipients will be the victim of a healthcare data breach in 2016.
As the Internet of Things for healthcare takes hold, the massive proliferation of medical devices that generate critical, sensitive information to care teams represent potential vulnerabilities that can allow hackers to gain unauthorized access to highly sensitive information – even through systems seemingly unrelated to healthcare technologies such as HVAC and PCI systems. Traditional networking infrastructures struggle to implement network segmentation as a foundational security measure.   
“One of the challenges we encounter when auditing for security exposures in healthcare organizations is that once we have found an issue, the client’s proposed solution is often complicated and un-scalable,” said Kristi Moon, managing director, eProtex. “As we have been introduced to Avaya’s SDN Fx Healthcare solution, we have been impressed how well it protects, and how much of the process is automatic. Healthcare organizations need security solutions with scalability to handle the growing number of devices at the edge and reduce the growing complexity incumbent with the adoption of advanced healthcare technologies.” 
Avaya SDN Fx Healthcare’s unique security and inventory management solution for medical devices enables healthcare organizations to simply and confidently move forward with their digital health initiatives, allowing them to:
·         Easily connect and segment medical devices, apps and networking traffic to radically improve security and protect against vulnerabilities
·         Simplify and speed up device onboarding, mobility and management
·         Automate inventory management
·         Improve efficiency by enabling flow monitoring and control
Additional Quotes
“The pace of advancements in medical device technologies is at an all-time high, but unfortunately, so is the increase in security breaches, despite very conscious efforts on the part of the industry to close potential gaps. What happens in many cases is that healthcare organizations may hold back on attaching these technologies to their network where they can be accessed by authorized medical staff and IT personnel – which delays possible improvements in patient care and operations. Avaya SDN Fx Healthcare is the first solution to eliminate that compromise between rapid adoption and security while relieving the management and inventory requirements, thus making digital, smart healthcare a reality, today.”
 Liam Kiely, vice president, Avaya Networking
“Securing thousands of devices in an Internet of Things model must be multidimensional and easy to manage. A proper solution should, at the minimum, include traffic segmentation, automatic device onboarding and mobility, automated inventory management, and flow control. Integrating Software-Defined Networking at the network edge seems to be the leading architecture to meet the multi-dimensional criteria.”
Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst of ZK Research
“Many of our customers are less concerned about science projects and are asking for streamlined solutions with sensible cost structures. With SDN Fx Healthcare we can offer an innovative service with a subscription pricing model. This solution provides our customers with the ability to rapidly deploy and scale a solution, while offering the predictable cost model, so important in today’s operating environment.
David Rafferty, managing partner of Integration Partners
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