Available, video conferencing as a service

22 Jan 2016

Now, video conferencing will be available as a service for a monthly fee. This means, a customer need not spend on creating a full-fledged video conferencing infrastructure but get it as a service from the Bengaluru-based NxtGen in partnership with Avaya, which provides business communication solutions.

VCEverywhere, a cloud-enabled video conferencing solution, eliminates deploying costly video collaboration systems. Whether meeting with co-workers in a remote office, partners across the country or customers around the world, the solution will ensure the experience of a face-to-face meeting to anyone, anywhere on any device, said Arun Shetty, Director, Collaboration Sales, Avaya India. A full fledged video conferencing system could cost ₹5-10 lakh, he said.

A monthly fee of ₹3,199
A customer can get the service for a monthly fee of ₹3,199 to simultaneously connect 10 people anywhere in the world. The fee keeps increasing for every 10 additional members, he said.

The solution enables customers to use any of their preferred devices, including personal computer, mobile, tablet or video conferencing room system. Anybody with a web connection can be connected through the solution, he said.

Avaya offers video conferencing-as-a-service on its own in the US but through partners in China, Russia and now in India, he said.

According to K Baskar, Head, Alliances and Business Development, NxtGen, a data centre and cloud service provider, since the soft launch of the service last month, nearly 100 customers have signed up for the solution. “We hope to have around 5,000 customers by March as the demand for such cost-effective solution is huge across various segments, including start-ups, small companies, healthcare and education,” he said.

The solution allows each participant in the video conferencing to use multiple devices on the same call and move seamlessly between them without disrupting communications. Participants can even review previously shown materials instantly without disrupting the active meeting, he said.

To ensure confidentiality, there is no recording of the conversation.

However, if a customer wants to record, it can be done at their end, he said.

This article appeared in The Hindu Business Line , January 22, 2016