SME sector, the differentiator for Avaya

24 Aug 2015
Small and Medium scale enterprises are a major differentiator for Avaya, a global multichannel communications solution provider, with SMEs expected to double IT expenditure over the next two years.
Mid-market segment
Priyadarshi Mohapatra, Managing Director (Sales, Avaya India) and SAARC, said, “The mid-market and SME sector has a lot of room for growth for Avaya and our partners, as SMEs employ about 40 per cent of India’s workforce and contribute more than 17 per cent to national GDP.”
To connect with the mid-market segment, Avaya has launched iConnect partner programme in India which is fully focused on the growth of the company’s business in the mid-market segment.
“With this investment, we have created a huge opportunity in India to address this rapidly growing segment,” Mohapatra said. The company adds about 100 SMEs every quarter.
Mohapatra said while the West is optimising their bottom line, India has more than 40 lakh small and medium enterprises that are willing to adapt and invest in new technologies. Simple and affordable mobility solutions as well as internal and external collaboration tools are few offerings that Avaya provides SMEs, based on demand.
Avaya is working with the Government to implement emergency line services, a digital India initiative. The solution enables State governments with help lines and emergency numbers to identify the location of the caller. Other features like initiating app-free call link, and help the caller through voice instructions, or by pushing images to their smart devices.
Additionally, Avaya will also focus on Healthcare/Emergency Health Response System, Emergency Response System (Police Dial 100), Citizen Welfare and Citizen Security Services, based on request for proposal (RFP) from the Government.
One of the biggest challenges in India is developing technology that could adapt to different bandwidth. “Unlike the US, India does not have uniform bandwidth. So the network has to acclimatise to difference in bandwidth and give the best possible experience,” Mohapatra said.
Having the second large Research and Development centre in India, Mohapatra said most of the software services and cloud solutions are done here. “Our focus would be to leverage the R&D centres to keep pace with changing technology,” he added.

This article appeared in The Hindu Business Line on 24 August 2015