Dubai Police unveil emergency video system

09 Jun 2015
Emergency callers will soon be able to have a live video chat with police officers, an official from Dubai Police has said. The move will allow cops to talk to a victim or someone in need of help.
A caller could also be sent medical advice and forwarded videos on how to perform CPR until paramedics arrive at the scene.
Khalid Alrazooqi, director general of the Smart Government Services Department, outlined details of the new service at the Internet of Things expo at Dubai World Trade Centre.
Under the system, a caller who phones 999 would be sent an SMS link. Clicking on the link would take them to a video session with an officer at police control.
The technology has been introduced by tech firm Avaya, which works with Dubai Police. The force already has an SOS system that can track the location of a caller if they are lost.
Alrazooqi said: “We are planning now with Avaya to upgrade our SOS system to enable video, so we can assess the situation. This technology is going to be very helpful because some people are panicking over the phone and they don’t know what to do when they face extreme situations. The live video chat will help us guide them”.
A trial will run during GITEX, with the service slated for launch later in 2015. Maan Al Shakarchi, sales director at Avaya, said the concept is taking emergency calls into the “next generation”.
He said: “No app needs to be downloaded for this, which means residents and tourists can use it easily”.

This article appeared in the 7Days News on 9th June 2015.