Avaya Redefines Emergency Response with ‘Guardian Angel’ at GITEX 2015

18 Oct 2015
Blends Internet of Things, communication and networking technologies to deliver innovative public safety and security solutions at Middle East’s leading technology trade show
At GITEX Technology Week 2015, Avaya, a global leader in business communications software, systems and services, is showcasing its “Guardian Angel,” a solution that transforms how emergency response services are deployed.
‘Guardian Angel’ is a live demonstration of Avaya innovations that deliver on the promise of Internet Of Things (IoT) to enable new customer services and experiences. The solution incorporates IoT endpoints, such as drones, Droids, smart devices, networking technology, collaboration solutions, and application development to enable emergency services to quickly respond to a crisis, receive more accurate feedback on events, and deploy resources more effectively – ultimately saving lives.
Featuring drones and droids equipped with remote video surveillance, ‘Guardian Angel’ can help authorities respond to emergency calls placed by members of the public with pinpoint accuracy of the location to get relevant staff on site quickly. In addition, as responders on the ground navigate the crisis area, the control center can provide a bird’s-eye view through video feeds, and remotely direct operations more effectively. Visitors to the Avaya stand at Gitex will see how Guardian Angel uses drones and droids to provide police with remote real-time access to hazardous or dangerous areas or quickly reach distant locations and more effectively coordinate actions that can help result in a positive closure to the incident.
‘Guardian Angel’ seamlessly integrates wireless location services, video conferencing technology, and the latest fabric networking technology from Avaya, SDN FX. The solution connects civil services call center agents, first responders and unmanned remote devices connect for greater insight into any emergency before first responders reach the emergency location.
Organizations in the Middle East and beyond are being challenged to evolve digitally as mobility, Big Data, Cloud, the Internet of Things and more combine to change how people and organizations work and interact. Building on the possibilities on its market-leading fabric networking technology, Avaya SDN-Fx, Avaya is using GITEX 2015 as a platform to highlight the real-world impact of digital transformation and its role in enhancing the customer experience, the workplace, and all other aspects of daily life.
“Avaya’s Guardian Angel solution highlights just how technology can make a real difference to peoples’ lives – even helping to save them by accelerating the effectiveness of public safety services and emergency response. Governments and organizations here in the Middle East are looking beyond traditional solutions to the issues they face, and, in many cases, are shunning traditional ways in favour of the latest and best. By packaging our technology offerings effectively, Avaya can deliver innovative solutions that have a transformative effect on organizations and their impact.”
Mohammed Areff, Vice President, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, Avaya

This article appeared in dayofdubail on 18 October 2015