Avaya outlines possibilities of IoT to enable sustainable societies

08 Jun 2015
Doha : Avaya, the recognised innovator and leading global provider of solutions for customer and team engagement, is a sponsor and key participant of IoTX, the Internet of Things conference and exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre, which begins on Monday, a press release said.
The technology firm will use the event platform to showcase breakthrough connectivity solutions that are geared towards enabling a more sustainable society, and which can be implemented by public and private sector entities alike to empower users with enhanced experiences, while reducing environmental impact.
Visitors to IoTX will experience Avaya's vision for the endless possibilities of Smart applications, all of which can be customised to suit any sector or industry's specific needs.
Solutions can be quickly and easily integrated into operations, too, given the flexibility and ease-of-use of Avaya's systems, leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart foundations.
Today, innovative private and public sector players are leveraging the latest smart technologies to build working environments that are not only IoT- and Smart-ready, but that are also strong contributors to a green and environmentally sustainable workspace and lifestyle.
According to Avaya, the pillars of creating a 'Smart Environment' of the future include the Smart City, the Internet of Things, the Smart Enterprise and an environmentally-conscious approach to the integration of all these.
At the exhibition, Avaya is demonstrating a number of solutions that have already been implemented by customers as well as those in conceptual and development stages. Together with Mashreq, one of the UAE's leading financial institutions, Avaya is demonstrating the 'VTM' (video teller machine), a video-enabled customer engagement kiosk that is already implemented in Dubai.
Avaya is also showcasing the healthcare environment extended by the Habib Medical Group beyond the walls of their hospital. Mobile medical personnel equipped with Google Glass can stream live video feeds to the emergency room so that specialists can evaluate the patient condition and prepare the response by the time the ambulance arrives at the hospital.
Through Avaya's smart engagement solutions, trailblazers such as Mashreq and Habib Medical Group are able to leverage the latest IoT breakthroughs to contribute to greater levels of sustainability; Mashreq's VTM contributes to reduced carbon emissions by offering videoconferencing kiosks to customers and reduce the need to commute to branches, while Habib Medical Group's wide-area solution uses multimedia to reduce bureaucracy and paper-trails.
In the event of a medical emergency, emergency services can send a video detailing the immediate action to the caller, irrespective of operating system, presence of a particular app, or service provider.
By leveraging the IoT and smart foundation, Avaya is able to deliver smart learning solutions that enhance the educational experience for students and educators alike such as through IoT-enabled beacons, which limit the use of applications such as social media or private messaging on students' devices during lectures.

This article appeared in the Qatar Tribune News on 8th June 2015.