Communications Goals at FIFA 2002

07 Jun 2002
FIFA World Cup 2002, the single largest business in 2002, is operating one of the most complex and largest communications network from 31 May, 2002, the start of the World Cup. The biggest accomplishment was a voice and data network, linking 20 stadia to support a cumulative audience of over 30 billion people. The biggest challenge - connecting across two countries and within a short span of 10 months. In 2001, the Swiss firm that owned the marketing rights to the World Cup went bankrupt that resulted in a delay in the contracts for the network. 
FIFA and Avaya, the lead vendor and architect, were left with only about 10 months to build the network for the 40,000 users at the event. Avaya, the "official convergence communication provider" for the 2002 World Cup built the network in a record time.