Avaya's IP Office Available to U.S. Channel Partners

27 May 2002
Avaya Inc. announced the U.S. availability of IP Office, an IP solution for small and midsized enterprises, for distribution through new and existing business partners. 
Avaya IP Office eliminates the need for companies to maintain separate voice and data networks. IP Office can function as an IP or circuit-switched PBX, offering companies the option to migrate to a fully converged IP network at their own pace. 
Additionally, it can provide tailored communications to power a single site, multiple branch office locations, or a small, integrated contact center. It can be configured for up to 100 end users or 50 contact center agents, with expansion of up to 180 end users or 75 agents. 
IP Office applications include voice mail, integrated and unified messaging, a PC-based console for attendants, auto-attendant, screen pops and contact center management tools. In addition, Avaya will support third-party applications. 
"We consider the small and mid-sized business market the heart of our business, and Avaya enables us to be more competitive than ever in this sector with IP Office," says Bruce Shelby, vice president, sales of Telecom Labs Inc., an Avaya BusinessPartner servicing the Pacific Northwest U.S. market. "The Avaya IP Office solution contains the features that small and midsized enterprises require when it comes to their communications, and its IP capabilities are the standard in helping this market establish cost-effective networks." 
To date, the sales channel for Avaya IP Office includes more than 100 authorized business partners like Telecom Labs that already are part of Avaya's BusinessPartner program. Rick Doud, small and midsized business market director for the program, says the company is seeking additional channel partners with experience in voice or data sales, such as VARs and interconnects. 
Doud says Avaya prefers partners with installation experience and capabilities, but also makes available its services force to business partners. Support for IP Office will be available June 1. 
Business partners must commit to send both sales people and technicians to training, purchase a demo system at special discount rates from one of the company's five wholesale distributors and sign a business partner agreement. Partners purchase systems for their end users from distributors and make their margin on the markup on the equipment and professional services offered. 
Doud says business partners are allowed to purchase IP Office at demo prices for their own operations. Use and familiarity with the system make it easier to sell, he explains. Avaya IP Office already is available in Europe.