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Challenges and dangers at the AI junction on the map of Unified Communication

It turns out that the Israeli high-tech industry has acquired a proud reputation in the AI field, only a few of which have been exposed to the general public. Recently, I was exposed to such a move by Avaya, known for its unified communications solutions, which was held in Tel Aviv in July for a celebration of innovation. Guy Gadnir, the manager of Avaya's R&D center in Israel, who hosted Greg Pelton, vice president of the company's headquarters in California, led the celebration. "We came to find pioneering creativity," said Greg Pelton. "We have a strong global presence and involvement in all types of communications networks, but Avaya's core is to enrich the application and services basket for the information worker. At the center of Avaya's self-development program is the UC platform, which is supposed to anchor all of our solutions and business partners in a common infrastructure, with a solid business vision and commitment to continuity and stability in all markets." (Challenges)


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