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Avaya Innovation Edge Tour

Locations & Dates:

  • Chicago, IL – April 5th
  • Dallas, TX – April 10th
  • Detroit, MI – April 12th
  • Washington, DC – April 24th
  • Boston, MA – April 26th
  • Minneapolis, MN – May 2nd
  • Orlando, FL – May 10th

Avaya partners join us for an exciting new event series in 2018 that will explore the technologies that are shaping the future of the communications experience!

Terms like digital transformation, customer experience, and omni-channel are buzzwords stating the obvious…the communications experience is broken. Our customers are looking for ways to be smarter, make interactions more personal and systems more flexible and secure than ever. A.I., Blockchain, IOT and Cloud offer the promise to connect everyone with everything, making work less work and customer service more extraordinary.

This event you will help you:

  • Understand what these new emerging technologies are and how they are changing the market
  • See how you can leverage them with Avaya to bring unmatched experiences to your customers today and in the future
  • Demonstrate real world applications to your customers in a way that’s relevant to how they do business

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