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Unauthorized Resellers

If your Avaya product or component was purchased from a non-authorized source, Avaya cannot:

  • Guarantee its authenticity
  • Certify the equipment for Avaya maintenance support eligibility 
  • Provide Avaya support

If such a product causes or is involved in a system failure, the failure is not covered by an Avaya warranty or an existing Avaya maintenance contract and places the entire system at risk. 

Unauthorized resellers have not been granted by Avaya a license to distribute or to sublicense any Avaya proprietary products. Avaya’s software products are the proprietary intellectual property of Avaya and are protected under international, US federal and state intellectual property laws including, for example, copyright, patent, trademark and trade secret laws. Since these unauthorized resellers have no contractual relationship with Avaya regarding our products or services, they are not authorized by Avaya to sell, install, or distribute such products to customers or otherwise and have no direct access to any support from Avaya or Avaya’s authorized resellers.

To learn more about unauthorized resellers and their products including statements commonly used to mislead customers, please reference our fact sheet: Unauthorized Resellers - Separating Fact and Fiction.

Products sold outside of authorized channels are commonly referred to as “gray market.” Avaya defines gray market as generally available Avaya products or components, represented as new or unused, and acquired or sold by a source other than Avaya or Avaya authorized partner, at any point before reaching the end user customer. Unauthorized resellers which deal in gray market products may mix gray, refurbished, or counterfeit, products but misrepresent them as new, authentic products. 

In our efforts to keep you informed of potential risks to your investment in Avaya products and services, please be advised that Avaya authorized resellers may not sell via an online marketplace (such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart or others like them) and any electronic or internet sales conducted via a website or other electronic method of selling products or services must be conducted in the Partner’s Account Name. 

Below is a list of some companies that are not authorized by Avaya to sell new Avaya products. This is not intended to be a complete list and is subject to change at any time by Avaya. 

Unauthorized Sources – USA
Metroline Direct/FiveStarsTelecom 
Atlas Systems/Atlas Phones/The Telecomdealer 
Morgan Birge
IP Phone Warehouse
American Telecom HQ (ATHQ)/Telquest
The TelecomSpot
RUN-DLJ Telecom
Hi-Line Supply
RQ Communications
Realm Corporation/Realm Communication (Broomfield, Colorado)
The Dynamic Resource
Prospect Communications
Telecom Warehouse
Synergy Telecom/Synergy Data

Unauthorized Sources – Americas International
AG & Jireh
A1 Teletronics
Ruckus Colombia

Unauthorized Sources - Europe 
Square1 Products
Handset Solutions
PMC Telecom
Telecom Hunter
Trade X Networking
B&H Telecom GmbH
MF Communication
Systems Telecom (Systems STL)
Manchester Technologies
DectDirect/GlobalWire BV
Dectel A/S
WBS IT Service GmbH
Telecom Supplier

Unauthorized Sources – Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa
Hardware Direct
GIM Technologies
The TelecomShop Australia
Generation IT

If you have any questions about gray market products or unauthorized resellers you would like to bring to our attention, contact Avaya Client Services at brandprotect@avaya.com. 

Below are some examples of how we offer our assistance to protect your investment in Avaya products and services:

  • Confirmation of whether your potential product or service source is an Avaya Authorized Reseller and assistance to identify an authorized source. You may also use the Avaya Reseller Locator.
  • Assisting you to request a Letter of Authenticity for products purchased
  • Providing a determination of whether products you’ve recently purchased or are considering to purchase are authentic and authorized based on trace and validation of serial numbers and review of reseller details you provide.

Sending your correspondence on above matters to brandprotect@avaya.com is preferred; however, if you prefer to make an anonymous report, you may do so through Avaya’s Ethics & Compliance Health Line. Call Avaya's Compliance Health Line 1-877-99-ETHIC (1-877-993-8442) for U.S. or 1-908-953-7276 for Non-U.S. callers or by logging in to www.convercent.com/report. When using convercent.com, under ‘File a New Report’, please type “Avaya” under ‘Enter Organization’s Name’ to be directed to the appropriate form.

As these reports are collected by an independent third party, please provide all detail and specifics related to your concern.  If you report serial numbers that were purchased from an unauthorized source, please also provide a copy of the order with any info redacted as you deem necessary.

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