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Supplier End of Accumulation Period (EOAP) Payment Terms

Avaya pays suppliers on an End of Accumulation Period (EOAP) concept. EOAP involves the capture of invoices with dates within a thirty-day accumulation period. Payment is released in the first payment run following the end of the payment term that commences after completion of the accumulation period.


Avaya Inc. uses the Coupa e-procurement platform for managing indirect procurement and invoicing transactions. All suppliers are required to join and submit invoices via the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) in order to process invoices and receive payment. Otherwise payments may have significant delays. CSP is a free tool for Avaya’s suppliers to use to:

  • Configure their PO transmission preferences
  • View purchase orders
  • Create electronic invoices with attachments    

Our Supplier Enablement team is eager to assist suppliers in connecting and using this free cloud-based tool. Suppliers will use the CSP to submit invoices directly into Avaya’s e-procurement system versus the traditional means of sending invoices to an Accounts Payable (A/P) address for processing. Once invoices are submitted into the CSP, a supplier is able to immediately review the status 24/7 (Pending Approval, Pending Receipts, Approved, etc.). In addition, by submitting invoices via the CSP, a supplier will realize even more benefits such as:

  • Reducinglead time between invoice submission and invoice processing by approximately 4-5 working days
  • Eliminating mailing costs of the invoices to different physical Avaya locations
  • Removing the risk of losing invoices in Transit.
  • Gaining the ability to view real-time:
    • PO number associated with an invoice
    • New POs
    • Remaining PO balance after an invoice is posted/processed

Find more information on Coupa. Email the Avaya Supplier Enablement Team with any questions about submitting eProcurement invoices.

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