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Moving Forward Means Making Even Better Use of Technology

More Than Ever, Experiences Matter

You’ve decided who’s home, who’s essential in the workplace, who’s back and forth. But how are you keeping collaboration and services going? It’s critical to ensure a team that’s spread apart is working like they’re together. And that customers are getting your best possible experience, elevated by technology and creativity. The latest in communications can change your culture, your journeys, your success. And we can help make that happen.

Complimentary Solutions are Still Available

Avaya is Here to Help

Yes, Your Contact Center Can Work from Home

Get a complimentary license to let your agents work remotely without compromising your customer and employee experiences.

Extend Your Avaya Capabilities to Your Workforce at Home

Keep your business up and running with remote work solutions for virtually any Avaya unified communications platform.

Keep the Most Important Services Going

Our cloud-based video conferencing app, Avaya Spaces, is available for free to education and eligible nonprofit organizations.

Keep Your Enterprise Connected—Even with Employees at Home

Get a free 60-day license to Avaya Spaces, our cloud-based meetings and collaboration app, for your entire organization.

Find the Tools You Need for the Healthcare Front Line

Complimentary Avaya solutions are available to help you manage patient inquiries, community outreach, care team communications, and temporary work locations.

Around the World, Our Customers are Staying Connected

Ready to Deliver Continuity of Services—No Matter What

When COVID-19 struck, working with the best partners and solutions was key. The legacy is knowledge and confidence that 35,000 agents can be moved anywhere rapidly, while maintaining the same quality of customer service, uninterrupted.

Ready to Deliver Continuity of Services—No Matter What

Managing the Dual Priority of Patients and Employees

As COVID-19 emerged, Humana saw the need to engage proactively with its members, handle major increases in contact center inquiries, and at the same time keep its employees safe by adapting to remote work. Almost immediately, 21,000 Avaya remote agent licenses and 7,000 Avaya headsets had the staff working from home and delivering the exceptional customer experience Humana is recognized for.

Managing the Dual Priority of Patients and Employees

A Quick-Change Move to a Scalable, Flexible Platform

The pandemic revealed the essentialness of rapidly scalable services—going up to support a five-times increase in calls, and down as the crisis subsides. Avaya Spaces and our contact center agent desktop solutions were up and ready as 10,000 employees switched from brick and mortar to virtual offices.

A Quick-Change Move to a Scalable, Flexible Platform

Keeping Patient Services Available Via Telemedicine

With specialist doctors unable to consult in person, Wellmedic in Mexico ramped up a telemedicine service and moved its call center to operate remotely. The result: continuing service for 60% of clients plus support for triple the usual number of patients.

Keeping Patient Services Available Via Telemedicine

Rescuing an Overwhelmed Hotline

When the pandemic was declared, the premise-based Manitoba Health Links Hotline was inundated with thousands of anxious callers. Customer frustration rose as they received fast busy signals. In just days, Avaya contact center solutions and an Avaya CPaaS IVR began serving and routing callers, connecting them to live agents as needed.

Rescuing an Overwhelmed Hotline

Call the Avaya COVID-19 Hotline

Call Avaya for support and guidance on transitioning to remote workforce solutions for your employees and contact center agents. Scan our quick list for your location's number.

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