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Business communications technology is at the heart of your digital transformation journey

Your Digital Transformation journey is just beginning.

Only 19% of the companies we surveyed described their Digital Transformation initiatives as "extremely successful".

These companies believe they are currently taking advantage of Digital Transformation to truly disrupt their markets.

Primary drivers of Digital Transformation

Most companies prioritise employee productivity and efficiency as their primary Digital Transformation driver, with customer experience (CX) a close second.

Overall Sample

Employee productivity and efficiency
Customer experience (CX)

By Revenue Growth

Companies with the highest revenue growth (over 50%), approach Digital Transformation with CX as the primary driver

Business communications is at the heart of improving employee productivity and customer experience. And it should be a critical element in your Digital Transformation journey.


Communications technology is driving the digital workplace by:

  • Connecting an increasingly mobile and digital workforce to each other and your customers

  • Enabling a personalised, proactive, and connected customer experience

  • Integrating and transforming business processes to deliver better business results and growth

Western European Mobile Worker Forecast, 2017 - 2022

Communications is an enabler of workplace transformation. Other technologies may be the transformation drivers, but communications will provide the essential connecting link to humans.

IDC 2018

Business communications:
At the heart of digital transformation

Here are 5 enablers that can help you put communications capabilities at the heart of your digital transformation:

Make Communications a Strategic Priority

Treat your communications capability as a critical investment in your digital transformation, not an expense.

Biggest impact of low/sub optimal use of communication tools

56% increased costs

55% reduced agility and flexibility

Top 3 barriers to adopting unified communications

  • #1 Cost
  • #2 End user skills
  • #3 Consumer workarounds used instead

Essential Guidance

Accelerate the adoption of new communications technology in your business

  • Treat your communications technology as an investment that improves business performance and results.
  • Use the right communications tools to ensure seamless, context rich, omni-channel communications between all stakeholders.
  • Implement training programs to enable effective, consistent use of these tools, and secure company-wide adoption.

Case Study

Read how Avaya helped Telecom Serbia.

Embed Communications into Processes

Be proactive, be intuitive. Address your customers' needs before they even ask. Pick up the pace by embedding communications into business processes.

91% of companies feel that embedding communications into processes and applications is important

Top 3 reasons to embed communications into business processes and applications

83% Employee productivity and collaboration
80% Better control of business
72% Higher quality customer experience

Essential Guidance

Embed communications directly into your business processes

  • Reduce the effects of human latency on the customer experience
  • Be proactive to get ahead of customers
  • Integrate workflows and reduce organisation silos

Case Study

Read how Avaya helped 112 / eCall.

Integrate Communications Across the Customer Journey

Integrate service delivery and back office processes and applications into the customer journey to enhance the experience.

Top 3 drivers when selecting a company to do business with

81% Ease of finding the products or services
79% High quality customer service
77% Timely service delivery
But only 86% of companies
believe they integrate customer communications with fulfilment and delivery extremely well.

Essential Guidance

Deliver an exceptional experience throughout the customer journey and keep them coming back to your business

  • Don’t think of your communications technology in silos; one set of tools for customers and another for employees
  • Instead communication and collaboration tools for the back-office should be integrated to, and aligned with, the customer journey to deliver the best results
  • Remember, the customer experience may only be as good as the back-office delivery

Case Study

Read how Avaya can help integrate the back office in the customer journey

Keep the Human Touch in Digital Communications

Keep the human touch in your business. Because there are times when your customers want it.

Automated digital services are essential, but sometimes consumers prefer human assistance particularly for complex or emotional interactions. For example:

However, more than 1/3 of companies find it difficult to blend human and digital interactions.

>25% of consumers feel that it takes too long for them to reach the right person when dealing with a company.

Essential Guidance

Enable more effective hybrid customer journeys that combine digital and human interactions

  • Your customers want to using digital technology in the customer service experience
  • However, you need to balance digital interactions with seamless access to a live specialist should they need it.
  • Use digital capabilities like AI and analytics to complement specialists' skills, knowledge, and access to information to resolve customer queries quickly and effectively.

Case Study

Read how Avaya helped Cara Jewellers.

Adopt Channel-agnostic Communications

Future proof your business with a channel-agnostic communications infrastructure.

There are many emerging technologies in the markets, and consumers are open to using them.

86% of organisations want a free flowing interaction application to support all communication channels.

Essential Guidance

The customer experience landscape is evolving. Being able to adapt and respond quickly is now a strategic imperative.

  • Consumers, for the most part, are highly receptive to new technologies
  • With the pace of innovation and technology advancements, the next big communications channel could be just around the corner
  • Adopt and integrate these new technologies quickly and seamlessly with a channel agnostic communication core

Case Study

Read how Avaya helped O-Bank.

Empower your organisation

Avaya is a global leader in delivering superior communications experiences.

With our complete portfolio of communications solutions, you get the communications enablement your business needs.

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