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Upgrade with E-Rate Eligible Technology Solutions

For many schools, supporting virtual learning, Bring Your Own Device—BYOD, and flipped classrooms are pushing network bandwidth to its limits. Affordable E-Rate eligible solutions from Avaya can help you create a secure, easily managed, and future-ready wireless network that supports the learning experience your students, teachers, and families deserve.

The federal E-rate program provides discounts on the latest communications products and services to most U.S. schools and libraries. Avaya explains how your school can benefit, and shows the how-to steps from applying for E-Rate to installing your solution. To get started, check out these E-Rate resources:

Contact Avaya now to discuss your needs. Our network of trusted partners in your district can work to engineer the perfect wireless network solution for your schools and libraries.

Simplify Network Management and Add Capacity

With premise or cloud-based management you can free up IT resources to focus on what matters. Deploy new services like virtual learning, hybrid classrooms, and BYOD without putting a strain on network performance.

Get Greater Control of Network Usage

Help students stay focused by prioritizing educational applications and restricting recreational and social media apps.

Secure Network Infrastructure

Avaya offers one of the only E-Rate approved network solutions that supports all your critical applications, including video surveillance, helping to ensure your students and faculty stay safe.

Customer Story
Bullitt County Public Schools

“With our Avaya solution, we’ll be able to enhance the educational value that our teachers and students draw from the Internet.”

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Step-by-Step to Your E-Rate Technology Solution

Step-by-Step to Your E-Rate Technology Solution

Let Avaya help simplify the E-Rate application process. Download this handy guide to see the process steps. Then follow us on your favorite social media channel for timely reminders.

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The Benefits of Your Avaya Solution

Avaya Simplifies Networking—You Gain the Benefits

For educators, make the onboarding process easier when students manage their own accounts and interactions by teachers and IT aren’t needed. As clients change and traffic grows, manage simpler and scalable deployments and upgrades. Be ready for future guest rooms and conference spaces. Be set for an easy transition to new features and advanced services.

For IT managers, support everything from labs to assembly halls with scalable capacity. Control applications: prioritize mobile access, educator blackboards, and student data tracking. Limit or block social media like Facebook and Instagram. Tailor your network to your end users with software programmable access points. Use end-to-end fabric technology for a more agile, reliable network. Get the support you need before any issues impact performance.


 Add the Advantage of Avaya Services

Add the Advantage of Avaya Services

We offer comprehensive support for your communications, from implementation to support and maintenance.

  • Tools, expertise, and resources to properly install your solution
  • Proactive, preventative monitoring to help ensure ongoing system performance
  • Fast fixes of any problems to keep services available and running optimally
  • Remote diagnostics and resolutions to help rapidly address potential problems, saving time and reducing the risk of an outage

Graphical Guide
See How the E-Rate Process Works, Step by Step

See How the E-Rate Process Works, Step by Step

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White Paper
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center

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